A Response To Those Asking Us Not To Meditate On Weakening These Storms and Fires


something i shared tonight on my social media.  there are some (otherwise wonderful, well-intentioned) people who are encouraging others not to participate in these meditations to ease the storm and wildfires, claiming these experiences are for our spiritual lessons, going so far to say those who live in these areas chose this for necessary growth. i have such a strong feeling about these words – i had to say something. here it is.  (oh and it is 1:00am and i am still waiting to feel some sign of needing to go to sleep.  ain’t happening. energiesssssssss.)


oooh i just have to say this. i am reading some words from otherwise beautiful, well-meaning people who are encouraging people NOT to meditate/intend on weakening the storms and fires. they hold the belief there is a spiritually-based reason for these circumstances, which are leading to necessary soul lessons. i thought we were beyond the old matrix paradigm’s of “lessons through struggle and the like”. please stop with these words. children have died. where is the lesson in that? the benefit? how would any of these people feel if disaster visited their home and community? or if they learned of a coming disaster. would they welcome it and embrace whatever “lesson” they feel they needed to learn – even if it meant the death of their child or other people’s children? their mates? family members?

right – likely not. now…even when these same people admit these events are being manufactured, they say to engage in meditation to stop the power of these storms/fires is to participate in the “us versus them” and keeps us in victim mode.

this is exactly one of the states those creating these storms want us to be in. to feel like we “deserve” these experiences to “learn”. WE ARE LOVE. we do NOT need to experience struggle or pain in order to KNOW LOVE. YES – while we forget that we are LOVE and when we DO finally begin to awaken/remember who we are, we DO go through painful experiences – just as we do while we are asleep to the Love of who we are. remembering is yet to be a pain-free experience. however that does NOT mean we HAVE to experience this pain. there is NO UNIVERSAL law that says we must have pain to know love. that we must know and experience struggle to know ease and peace. Source. God. call “it” what you will – does NOT require this of us. dang it all…this is just part of the new age dogma. and dogma is dogma. no matter how pretty it is wrapped up.

continuing on….being a spiritual being does not mean being a doormat. if one is violating your (and others) freedom and right to safety and the like, you do not remain in the state of observer much less remain passive. you assert yourself – protect yourself and all those around you. please let us move beyond these words of lessons as they imply judgment and duality. YES we are all ONE but there are those who do not see this and sadly some of them continue to create realities that harm the ONE. as such, creating the reality based in Love that WE want instead through intention and action IS the spiritual choice. 

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2 thoughts on “A Response To Those Asking Us Not To Meditate On Weakening These Storms and Fires”

  1. Victoria, Soul Sister:
    I agree with ALL that you reply. Those who want to pray, PRAY WITH ALL THAT YOU ARE! FOR YOU/WE ARE LIGHT and Light = LOVE. … DARKNESS seeks/USES vestiges of ITS OWN within persons who are UNAWARE or who IDENTIFY WITH IT AS THEIR OWN…BUT it cannot hide in LIGHT…ONLY in excuses; HIDING BEHIND a popular or current ideology such as karma. Transmuted, it BECOMES LIGHT!

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