Rethinking Survival Of The Fittest For A New Paradigm

Earlier today I read a piece on how to make life simpler.  One of the ideas said not to expect anyone to rescue you.  It is up to us to suit up, put on our own armor and go out and conquer the world.  Take what we want.

Isn’t that a rather archaic, unevolved way of thinking and being?  Haven’t we all learned by now that sometimes you DO need to “lead the horse to water”?

Let’s face facts here friends.  The very system’s which govern our lives are what have created this survival of the fittest darkness.  Is that what we really want?  Do we really wish to perpetuate a system that says if you are vulnerable or weak, there is no room for you?

I sure don’t.  I have been one of those who has far too often felt out-of-the-loop.  I have struggled to keep up with the masses in the pursuit of material possessions, luxuries and career conquests.  I reached a point where I just sort of accepted myself as I am and gave up – realizing I would never be like most people who seem to breeze through life with full force.  Does this mean I don’t have something beautiful and useful to share?  Do my struggles and weaknesses mean I am not equally as worthy as those for whom the system(s) seem to work for just fine?

ABSOLUTELY NOT.  And if you are like me, that’s a big ABSOLUTELY NOT for you as well.

We ALL have something useful and beautiful to provide the world.  Every single one of us.  Some of us need a little more guidance than others. Some need more help.  More energy.  More time.  More tenderness.  More patience.  Not all of us are extroverted, high energy, go-getters with a herd of family, friends and colleagues supporting us.  Some of us are more introverted.  Some of us are more sensitive.  Some of us didn’t have the best support systems growing up.  Some of us have been bullied DUE TO our introversions and sensitivities.  Which leads me to another “time to face the facts truth”:  Rugged Individualism and it’s equally dark cousin patriarchy have only perpetuated this crap.

Time to imagine and create something different.

We need the traits of the goddess energy injected into our cultures and society.  Softness.  Gentleness.  Compassion. Sharing.  Understanding. Acceptance.  Cooperation.

We need to realize that the answer to one who is drowning is not to yell at them the instructions to swim but to rescue them and THEN offer lovingly, without conditions or strings, to teach them to swim.

We need to realize that not everyone is capable enough on their own to pull themselves up by their bootstraps – especially if they aren’t even aware they have bootstraps.

We need to realize that the world of competition and profit over people only serve to divide and conquer.  They do nothing to bring us together. They don’t serve the energy of peace.  In short – they do not serve humanity.

Unless your goal is survival of the fittest and bully, ignore and discount those who aren’t so fit.

I no longer choose to be a part of that reality.  How about you?

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