Return Of The Divine Feminine – Honoring Women And The Roles We Serve

For far too long, the masculine energy has dominated this reality, creating imbalance in all lifeforms.  Masculine energy, when balanced, is protective.  It gets things done.  What we see today is the disease of imbalance – control, competition, greed, abuse and a blatant disregard for the well-being of others and all forms of life.

The feminine energy is nurturing and caring.  It is soft.  Supportive.  Feminine energy has been suppressed, largely because of how we value women and the roles we play.  This suppression comes into play as well when we look at those words – nurturing, caring, soft.  Those words are seen as “weak” and therefore of lesser value than the masculine roles of “get ‘er done” and “protection”.

Feminism did one thing and that was to allow for women to make their way into the corporate world.  However, that is all this movement accomplished.  For even though the workforce is pretty equally split between men and women, nothing has changed.  Profit over people and worker abuse, competition, greed and corruption are still every part of the system and in fact are more rampant today than in our known history.  Most see women sitting in positions of power in government and corporate boardrooms.  What do I see?  I see women who simply wear the suit of masculine energy.

We need to honor the Divine Feminine energy again.

*Out in the corporate and political worlds, this means we inject our dose of cooperation.  We honor truth and fairness and equality.  We put the dignity and well-being of people first.  Every stinkin’ time.

*In our homes this means we honor the role women play.  We honor and acknowledge the importance of being the nurturer, homemaker and the caregiver.  Gone are the ridiculous conversations such as breastfeeding in public and time off to be home with children when they are young.

*In the cultural and social environment, it means women can wear whatever they damn well want without fear of harassment, abuse, exploitation and assault.  It means women can speak their minds without being labeled a bitch.  It means, as women, we can finally feel safe walking our streets alone, just as men have been doing for centuries.

We all serve an important purpose.  Male.  Female.  In order to bring to balance the masculine and feminine energies again, we MUST make it a point to honor the Divine Feminine energy again.  We MUST welcome it and make it a part of our daily existence.  It will take women rising up and demanding it.  It will take men rising up and demanding it.  It will take women shaking off the fear and the centuries of suppression.  It will take men shaking off their own fear as well.  It will take women doing self-analysis and see how they have played a part in all of this.  And it will take men doing self-analysis in seeing how they have played a part in creating and supporting this disease.

Working together.  Returning home to the Divine Feminine in us all.









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