Reverse Speech Analysis From The Dispatch Conversation for Honolulu and Maui scanner audio Hawaii response to the ballistic missile alert




Here are the reversals from the dispatch conversation for Honolulu and Maui dispatch scanner audio Hawaii response to the ballistic missile alert. Done by Naomi Longson and Tiffany Fontenot. I don’t have time to add the sound, but here are the reversals for those who’d like to read them. The Reverse Speech is basically telling us that the inbound missile was real. We also see they’re coaching themselves and each other not to be scared.

So, they state in different ways that they are lying about the missle being fake, they are trying to be brave, and are concerned about their families.

Also, the one reversal calling the missile a “demonic flash” indicates that the missle is a nuclear missile.

The dispatch video forward speech that was analyzed is here:

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Sourced from here.

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