Rick Jewer Update ~ 1 10/18


I appreciate this one ~ in particular the suggestion to keep all Divine focus on creating the NEW.  I continually feel that ~ go within, feel what you Desire and focus all energy on that.  Period.  


You have been shown and introduced to some of Your Divine Gifts and abilities. Are You employing then for the better good, going in and planting goodwill energy seeds of Light?

I believe for the more powerful Ones currently among You, it would perhaps be more efficient and in line with the Ascension, to NOT Love any representation of the Dark. I feel that when Powerful Divine Ones put their energy into sending Love to the Dark Ones, it somehow keeps them energized to some degree. I suggest to ignore the Dark and put the full brunt of Your Divine Prowess, into CREATING THE NEW, which is absent of the Dark.

Each of You MUST follow what sets right with You, what resonates, for that is Your most reliable and dependable guidance tool, sub to the Source connection. It was indeed good in the “old days” to Love Your enemy and not stoop to that level, however, those days are over, and in reality, You have no enemies of concern. Enemies may still be there, but they have no power over You, You are Divinity, of Source, the HEAD HONCHO. No one messes with the Head Honcho, and when He/She has Your back, You are indeed invincible to anything in Creation. Think/Know for Yourself.

Everything that I have shared here on Facebook, was/is to empower You, and bring You back closer to Source, Many of You Know that Now, You Know it is real for the confirmations that You experienced, shows that it is. Erase All doubt and begin using Your Divine Gifts daily, getting in there real deep, at the foundation, and plant the True Good Seeds with Your mentality. Think and wish for what You wish to see, giving it an extra push with that Divine Energy from Your hearts. Let the old fall away, do not put a band-aid energy on it, the quicker it crumbles, the quicker the New takes its place. Support the good to the fullest, while minimizing support in the areas that YOU KNOW must be torn down. Keep UNITING in BIGGER GROUPS, UNITE THE BIGGER GROUPS UNDER AN UMBRELLA GROUP.

As an example of the Prowess of the Masses, LOOK AT THE LAST U.S. ELECTION, the amount that did NOT vote, almost half! This tells You that there is a huge acceptance that the Masses do not support any type of government, these Masses would quickly join a CHOICE that sets them free, they are seeking that choice. Take Canada as well, it has been proven recently that elections, in relation to voting fraud, are rigged. You cannot trust the “voter turnout” numbers presented because they are inflated, they are a lie. The Masses are ready to be called upon, We can/will give them a choice, a choice of freedom, or a choice of further enslavement and ownership of them.

Very quickly, it does NOT have to be built, a free energy Source can be given to the planet, upon the right conditions. In the blink of an eye, all value of money could be changed, equalizing the access. Economics is a farce, a lie, a deception that is unable to stay intact, it has two choices, implode or quickly transition into an equalized foundation. Those that did not share the wealth within the matrix, are efficiently being relieved, they will continue to rapidly implode. Currently, many wealthy ones are beyond redemption, not because they were judged, but because they judged themselves by their own actions and choices. There is no vengeance from the Light, it does not work that way, the vengeance suffered, is self-created by the ones that judged themselves. Every Human Soul Knows what is “right” and what is “wrong”, ignorance is not an excuse here, they were given multiple signs, ie; Trump winning the election when it was rigged against Him, even electronically. Globally this was seen. So something happened with perhaps remarkable odds, they should pay attention. As for Trump, a bit of his act needs cleaning up, and it will come very shortly. It is also a very real possibility that a president of the U.S., nor any other Country for that matter, will be required in the near futures.

I strongly suggest for every Soul upon Gaia, to never vote again in any election, in any country, this will reveal some Amazing numbers for You.

Our fleets are here, many Light troops on the ground, there is NO going back.

Love and Love

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