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an overall resonation ~ the chemtrail piece is not necessary.  we all know of the toxins in these things and avoiding the places that are targeted is impossible.  they’ve been doing it for so long, even when the skies look good there is the residual elements.  we ALL need clearing/healing and for now it is my request and hope that other Being’s are assisting in cleaning up the atmosphere.  it is also an idea for the masses of us to create a human right’s violation order under this topic.  it is part of the enslavement and is about as gross of a violation as is the trafficking.



Be always persistent in Your Manifesting. Continuously create the good thoughts of how things are here on the surface of Gaia. Do not energize the bad and expend Your energy on focusing on the bad things, rather, You come in from an angle and Create the New to take the place of the Old perceived bad things. Your manifestations are utmost successful upon putting all of Your energy into Creating the New. The New takes up a definite space, and with each good New created, a bad must fall and that occupied space replaced with the good New. Some of You accept and Know that there is really no bad, that bad things are guidance mechanisms and contain value, however, the time is over for these strings and no more value can be taken from the bad, You have seen enough of the bad to allow You Now to Create a good. You are a league that has risen to such a level that You are fully endowed with the ability, to rectify and remedy this Now, use it.

Your bodies are indeed under constant internal upgrades, simply, it has to undergo these upgrades to survive the higher vibrations and to be able to bring Your miraculous abilities into these bodies. You are conduits of God to do the Divine work with the intent, for the good of All, again, simple.At this point, more of You KNOW beyond certainty the importance of full virtue and the effects both virtue and non-virtue have upon Your Prowess as a conduit of God. Simply, virtue empowers, non-virtue disempowers You, and more importantly, deception of any kind, will set You on Your buttocks in the blink of an eye, sort to speak. You must realize and appreciate the extent of the Prowess You contain and how it gets stronger each day. You must speak up always when You see non-truth, if You do not speak up and refrain from rectifying a situation, You will see the adverse effects shortly after of You not standing up, which will create confusion for You as well as an attached string/sequence of less desirable events. You will also become physically sick to a degree because lower vibration is registered into the physical body as a sick feeling.So Now You see the importance also, of utilizing Your gift of Truth and let it flow outward in the ripple effect.

As revealed to You recently, the Light was strategically placed within all societal operating systems upon Gaia, including military and government. Your Light Comrades there have the important task of revealing all of the deception of the current planetary societal systems, they are the eyes for You and the Masses, they carry the truths of the lies and bring them forth for All to see. These Comrades are fully protected and are in place to tear down the old systems and integrate a temporary system that rapidly transitions into the New, which is good for All. The remnants of the Dark are totally confused and know no longer who their comrades actually are, because the Light was cleverly disguised as one of them. What this does and has caused, is a rapid scenario of fish eating fish, feeding off each other out of the greed aspects.

One of the biggest challenges for the Light Team was the breaking of the intentional conditioning mechanisms of the planet. For the most part, the empowering and internal evolution of the Human vessel had rendered the conditioning devices inoperable and dysfunctional once a Human vessel was upgraded above the influence level of these conditioning techniques. The overall vibration of the planet’s surface also lessens the mass effect of these conditioning mechanisms. The conditioning mechanisms are mostly based on planetary tangible technology with the manipulation of frequencies to control. If the planets vibration/frequency could be sustained below the upper fear threshold, then the whole population were easily controlled and enslaved, oblivious to there pillage of life and freedom during the Human experience scheduled for this period which was supposed to have begun over a century ago.

Once the vibration/frequency of the planet was raised to a certain appreciable point,(in 2012) where the fear frequency began to be weakened and replaced by the higher frequencies, which support Love, life and good things, the fear frequencies became ineffective at controlling the Masses, and many began to escape the conditioning, as the fear induced veils began to be lifted, this is to be considered as Awareness and the Awakening. Common sense was reiterated into those rising above the fear frequency, and seeing the truths, such as if planetary rulers of the planet had the masses welfare truly in mind, there would be no war, lack, poverty, starvation, etc, that it was uncivilized, that it was a form of savagery, that it was a stagnant restrictive primitive way of being, that it was intentionally being perpetrated for the benefit of a select few. For these select few to enjoy wealth while others starved and died is nonsensical, savage being, based on non-virtue, greed and could even be referred to as psychologically sick. To intentionally harm others by snatching up the wealth reveals clearly their intents, to secure their reign at the expense of others, the Masses, and keep the Masses enslaved, working for them, while they enjoyed lives of luxury.



One of the greatest and most intense forms of intentional conditioning were found within mind control programs of the militaries. Not only were the individuals of military conditioned by psychological means, they were also unknowingly implanted with devices that worked well within a certain planetary frequency range. These devices were planted, mostly unknown to the individual,(some of the strategically placed Light could NOT be controlled and Know/Knew what was going on, to reveal to others), in the body during routine examinations and military surgeries. These devices were designed to emit lower vibrational frequencies into the Human vessel that were along the fear spectrum of frequencies, fear frequencies are lower vibration and if a frequency of fear could be maintained within a physical body/energetic field, then that individual became a puppet at the mercy of its handler, the military. So simply, these devices work on frequency and when One has a high enough frequency, they no longer work properly, and upon a much higher vibration yet, they become rendered useless and are passed from the Human vessel by various means. Likewise, One with a very high vibration energy field coming into contact with a conditioned soldier effects the implants to not function as strong as they did and to also disable the implant functions. Conditioned military and enforcement agencies cannot impose nor be in the vicinity of a high vibrational One in an aggressive manner, they must submit to what is morally and ethically correct, frequency will not allow it, Your God strength is frequency.

The key to overcoming ANY mind control program is to simply raise Ones frequency. To raise frequency, be very meticulous with Your food and water, the least chemicals the better. The chemicals in the foods and waters are actual conductors of LOW FREQUENCY along the fear spectrum of frequencies. The biochemical reactions within the Human vessel caused by these chemicals, lower vibration into the fear vibration range. The same as Your are a conductor of Light/God energy, upon raising Your frequency, the lowering of Your frequency enables You to be a conductor of fear-based energies which are manipulated and controlled by the remnants of Dark, which do You choose?.

Other intentional conditionings of frequency are, but not limited to;
1) EMF,s (electromagnetic frequencies) These low density fear-based frequencies are intentionally emitted upon You through powerlines, wi-fi, phones,transmitting towers, microwaves, TV,s, radios, all electronics, helicopters (low vibration carried on dense noise from props), aircraft, loud vehicles, dense bass music, etc. GET AWAY FROM AS MOST OF THEM AS POSSIBLE, this is WHY NATURE is so appealing to many. Stay away from low density fabricated humming noses, they lower the vibration.

2) Perpetrated and staged fear-based events like massacres, bombings, wars, etc. They condition the people by displaying fear events on news stations that lowers subconsciously Ones vibration, which in turns, affects others into fear frequency. For example; a staged event like 911 may be greatly publicized to instill a fear vibration that makes those affected by it, become aggressive and want to take revenge, lowering the entire planets vibration into a state of fear, where once again, the masses are controlled and willingly place their consent into the hands of the perpetrators for protection, against a perpetration which is actually a falsity created for that exact effect. These are Now well Known as ” False flags” and their intent is to instill fear and lower the vibration in favor with their conditioning fear vibration.

3) Be persistent in switching up Your mentality, to always positive, this changes THE POLARITY of any emissions of fear frequencies being projected at You. Trust in God and Know that Your are being empowered above the planetary conditioning, to assist in bringing it down, and Creating the New, the Leagues of Heaven upon the surface is growing in numbers daily, align with the God Light.

4) Stay away from high areas of chemtrail deposits. The chemtrails deposit aluminum, which is toxic to Humans, but more importantly, an aluminum enhanced ground/surface of Gaia, becomes a conductor for fear-based frequencies, charging the area and the energetic/electric Humans with a lower vibration.

5) Forcing another to lie, deceive, act against moral and ethic energy, etc. This sets off a negatively charged sequence of events which in some cases, effects many negatively, and disempowers them. Do not engage in any order or request from another that infringes upon what is right in the heart, stand Your ground and do not participate in any action that You Know has the ability to harm and/or impact others in a negative untruthful way. You must remember, frequency is also carried through all events, it is contagious, whether it be Dark or Light-based.

Love and Light

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