Rise Together: We Threaded The Eye of the Needle


Editor’s note:  Some of this resonates with me.  I have long suspected the whole RV was nothing more than another control system of monetary enslavement.  Certainly when I saw the reports of who “supposedly” signed onto this thing, that suspicion was confirmed.   Indeed feeling woozy and nauseous the last several days.  And certainly feel things are moving/transformation quickly.  

Transition Status Report: We threaded the eye of the needle!


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2 thoughts on “Rise Together: We Threaded The Eye of the Needle”

  1. In my opinion if the whole money things turns out to be fake then we might as well slit our throats, and say Ascension is all one big con. I am wondering if you follow SHELDON NIDEL? he for one has been saying for a very long time about the money system changing and NO it is not the cabal , I think this Cindy Woman is a fraud…time will tell but she waffles on and on and really says some pretty whacky stuff, during the election the stuff she was saying about HILARY CLINTON, well it was just total loony tunes ….sorry but we must say it as we see it. I of course hope for all our sakes that the money thing is the truth, but one has to ask who is CINDY working for and getting her info from, why would this woman and not anyone else have this information, always people do not ask enough questions…. I do not resonate with this woman at all and do not feel she is totally of the light.

    1. well i don’t resonate all that much with cindy or sheldon. i like sheldon’s words – just don’t know for sure if they are of truth. i saw the list of people who are said to have signed off on the GCR and it included members of the trilateral commission, the bilderberg and the like. now i realize that info i read may be disinfo put out by the cabal as well. i know james gilliland, who i DO resonate with, continues to say it’s a system of benevolence and that it has begun. so we will see. everyone has their own perceptions on all of this and i believe it is time to SEE in order to have some clarity, you know? and a redistribution of $$ – wealth and abundance actually – is a beautiful gift for us all in order to help even more Remember the abundance and sovereignty elements of who we are. <3

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