Schumann for 11/4/17 ~ And a Thought on the Timelines


This morning my mate and I realized halloween felt like it occurred about 2 weeks ago.  To our bodies it did.  To the calendar of course it was just 4 days ago.  Another experience felt “off” too with the calendar dates.  Also noticing a personal issue with my body telling me “time” is about a week off, again according to the calendar and artificial construct called 3d time.

We discussed again the timeline anomaly we experienced during the world series game (which as well feels like it was well over a week ago but was of course just 3 days ago).

We are headed to that zero point.  I see it.  I feel it.  


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2 thoughts on “Schumann for 11/4/17 ~ And a Thought on the Timelines”

  1. I not 15 minutes ago made the comment to my roomie” Just last Sat. it was 72degrees and felt like summer this weekend we have 2inches of snow on the ground, it’s 37degrees and we have major tree wreckage to clear up from yesterday’s heavy wet snow. I knew we would have energy shifts, but it’s interesting what wanted to shift in the garden. New vistas opened up. Apparently adjusting to the new energies. The old me would have been pissed off and depressed, but I am aware of the new whatever. It’s exciting and stimulating. Jim

    1. did you notice the sun setting basically due south tonight? walking to the park earlier i felt we have jumped ahead by about 2 months – the weather (and location of the sun) told me “january”. as you said – crazy insane as just last weekend we were in the 70’s. global warming, my arse. we’re being moved all over the place as we shift and get into that zero point zone.

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