Schumann Resonance. 10/25/17


Editor’s note:  Hmm.  I seem to not be “feeling” these spikes this week. Likely due to my mood which is somber.  I’m about as shut down as a human being can be.  Truly in a “why bother” state.  Carved a pumpkin last night and disliked the entire experience.  Watching The Truman Show just confirmed what I have felt for so long:  most people in this reality of illusion are fake and inauthentic.  I keep telling myself another thought around that one but I am not going to lie to myself just to make myself feel better.  He found his way out his matrix.  I’m looking for the same “door”.  Today is a new day…



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1 thought on “Schumann Resonance. 10/25/17”

  1. Same case as me. I no longer can connect to anything even liberation. Why bother with liberation and ascesion? It will happen no matter what. Only some spiritual practice that focus on me and my family are what Im doing. Doing some global meditation? No longer feel need for that. Only some cleaning and purging of my stuff both physical and spiritual. Yep and also most people for me looks so 1 dimensional like I could predict how they will react etc. only some homemade historical craft and art where I can find some authenticity but not that mass produced.

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