Schumann Resonance ~ 10/4/2017


the blackened portion is for tomorrow.  the spikin’ over 40hz continues.   feeling nauseous today, body discomfort, extreme fatigue at the moment – very sensitive to the energies of low vibrational people.  saw such a person on my walk and put “go that way” (away from where i was walking) and she did.  exceedingly in need of quiet and wow am i getting tired of being asked questions of ANY kind.  the desire to return to my homeland has returned again today – very strongly.  i am weary of this “waiting” experience.  i am not enjoying it.  i find little things to occupy me away from that emotional state but it is still there and has remained there for this lifetime and today has returned strongly.  after 51 years, i am in need of the NEW – NOW.  not when it’s convenient for the masses to “get it” and be prepared for it – but NOW.  service to self – gotta take care of ME because no one else is going to do that.  and ME needs liberation and healing and freedom.  NOW.  in a nutshell i am feeling my human self as well as the rest of me – whoever she is – wherever she is from.  it’s a complex relationship.  lol

be well ya’all.  


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