Schumann Resonance ~ All Time High

Editor’s note:  120hz!!!  I remember when it went to 90hz around easter and how I felt then.  Today?  We woke up and both my mate and I said “wow what is going on today??  All new levels of KAPOW and WOW!”.  All new levels of symptoms. Unbelievable level of exhaustion – mates body pain was significantly increased, headache for he and our girl – I even had some body pains which I don’t normally experience.  I also felt like I was walking in a pure dream state and more than once had to tell myself “i am not dreaming ~ i am awake”.  I grounded and released a lot today ~ spent much of the day outside in the sun.  I find as I do this with these increases in energy frequencies, I am able to integrate the New into this physical body of mine.  

Energy Update, All New High


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3 thoughts on “Schumann Resonance ~ All Time High”

  1. Yes! My coworker and I both remarked on how exhausted we were and it was only Monday!
    I need to stop taking this personally! Lol

  2. Sorry to burst your bubble, but there was no spike in frequency. Do you speak or read Russian? Because what has been measured in the Russian graph is a spike in amplitude. Not frequency. Such a change in amplitude would even result from having a thunderstorm nearby. It has nothing to do with the frequency.

    The frequency cannot change (well only slight variations of up to about 0.5 Hz) because it is the electromagnetic resonance of the void between the earth and the ionosphere – of which the size of neither can change. And if the size does change, it would be very difficult to measure, because even the slightest expansion of the Earth would take thousands, if not millions of years. Also, if such expansion was to happen, the frequency would not increase but decrease, because it’s measured by the speed of light (300,000 km/sec) divided by the earth’s circumference (40,000 km at this time).

    So I would suggest doing some proper research before stating anything about changes in Schumann Resonance. Like so much technical information, it gets repeatedly misinterpreted and misused by those who don’t understand it. It’s easy to have these kind of assumptions fit in any New Age agenda, misleading thousands of people who apparently will believe almost anything they are told.

    1. check out wso, bpearthwatch and mrmb333 – the gap in between the magnetics does expand and contracts continuously lately – and they have no explanation. one of the biggest changes that has been changing is the envelope behind and in front of the earth. i will also say this – the last two major jumps in the schumann – as shown on the graphs – (previous one occurring around the easter holiday) – i FELT a serious reaction in my body before i even knew of the jump as did my mate and many others. the fact that i had such serious reactions/changes in my body on those two instances is far more than a coincidence. we are in new territory and we have simply NOT been told the truth about a damn thing about our earth, where we are and her properties. so relying on old science will not get us anywhere. the paradigm of truth is surfacing and those who have pushed the old science approach are now left scratching their heads, unable to explain what’s going on.

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