Schumann Resonance Today ~ September 20, 2017


Recently I was asked why I feel the need for upgrades.  I certainly did not consciously intend to need any such thing.  It was a process that just began happening as 1) I began remembering who I am (after spending almost 20 years doing the researching of the system) and then knowing I would be experiencing physical/emotional/mental changes as I “reunited” with my Higher Selves and increased in vibrational frequency and 2) my body is undergoing a metamorphis, changing.  Carbon-based (lower frequency) to crystalline-based. Certainly feel achy when these spikes happen – until I ground it through, release the old to welcome in the new.  Then I’m good to go.  Here is Gaia’s read for today.  Ongoing spikes ranging between 20 and 40 hz.  Anyone else feeling the need to just sleep until we shift?

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