Schumann Resonance Today ~ WTHEAVEN IS THIS??!!


Wow!  Check out this interesting read.  I have not seen anything like it since I began following this.  What does it mean?  What does it indicate?  I will say this:  today I have felt just downright WEIRD.  I began feeling it early afternoon.  And the feeling has intensified.  I am unbelievably clumsy (Higher Self saying SLOW DOWN AND BE GIRL) and very wonky.  A very strong desire to be in the NOW.  And how important this is ~ this “now” stuff ~ as our ability to manifest is in a quickening so being Mindful of our thoughts and keeping them in the NOW is almost a requirement I feel, at least for myself, that I am being drawn into.

And a new experience ~ a long term memory from childhood that normally I should remember ~ that I KNOW I once did ~ is gone.  It’s as though parts of me today feel they are fading away.  Having a discussion with my mate at dinner, we spoke of this and both feel “things” are speeding up and are merging back together ~ all of who we are/are’s…..and this will continue until it all STOPS.  Time will stop.  That construct/program will just cease to exist.  I have seen, felt and heard this sensation in my body and mind all year.  Ok, sharing now as I don’t know what else to say and I swear my mind just went blank and I kinda don’t know what else to say.  lol  Anyway ~ check it out!!

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