Sharing A Conversation My Mate and I Are Having…


The two of us are talking about our individual visions we each experienced yesterday about “where” we are “going”.  We both fully completely feel at this point that Gaia is being elevated in frequency as well as being moved physically. She is being moved and we are all invited/welcome to go with her.  Things are speeding up – as the frequencies become less and less dense.  It’s like a rocket lifting off and Gaia is the rocket being lifted out of this dense energy well.  Spiraling up through the dimensions.  Each layer gets less dense – and also stronger and lighter (light meaning higher frequency).  This will continue until we literally are transported through this portal we both saw yesterday in our own experiences.  The entire planet leaves this region of density and when that happens THAT is when some sort of an energy grid literally seals off this dimension so that NO planet or NO life form has to experience this density again – certainly not against their/its Divine Will.

After that, I believe that is when we will be seeing a Whole New Reality. And each of us will be residing where we most match in our frequencies which of course are based on our Highest Selves and the type of reality we wish to exist in.  That is why some insist we will remain on earth.  Others a new earth.  And others a whole other planet in another galaxy.

Isn’t it possible all of us are in truth in making these statements?

Let’s not argue on this one any longer.  Let us support one another by not judging others for their views on what is really going on and what it is they desire to experience.

Let us wish one another well.

In short – let’s accept one another as any brother and sister of Love does.

(i just had a vision of a t-shirt that says “keep your nose out of my ascension journey”)  Hmmm…

Love to you all ~ whatever your journey and story is!


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3 thoughts on “Sharing A Conversation My Mate and I Are Having…”

  1. Maybe you should make some of those t-shirt and sell them. Im pretty sure that fashion branch for ascension is not developed, and ascended master clothing style would be to plain for many, so you can monopolise it :P. Thanks to your post about sacred tree and portal upon it I started to imagine similar portal above my city, and now try in meditation to expand it, accelerate. Lastes Cobra update say some of last remianing darkness being are become active so keep your guard up for there schemes.

    1. going to look into that. i have several slogans – something i do on the side – but haven’t taken steps to market these little goodies. keep up with the portal meditations. i recently heard they are all over. i feel the activation of the pyramids are helping with this.

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