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Hello my wonderful readers~

Here’s a little piece sharing the intentions I have been doing/saying lately.

I Am A Sovereign Being.  No one owns me.

I embrace all of the healing energy being sent to me.

I Am healed.

I also go into meditation and speak to my cells and target areas in my physical body in need of healing, giving thanks.  I will wait until I feel that tingle to know I am tuned in.

I have also been telling my body I Am in control.  I give it thanks for how hard it works for me.  It must listen to Me.

I practice this 12D Shield Guided Meditation, which is quite powerful. Here is a link to the audio video I use (it’s only about 5 minutes).

I look at old pictures of myself and say “This is no longer important.  This is not me.  I let these memories go.  All they are now are just perceptions of what once was me in a Now moment.”

When I get triggered (happened again today – lol), I make myself take a deep breath and ask what needs healing then ask “Do I really want to let myself go down this path?”  Kinda like Neo in The Matrix.  Victoria ~ You’ve already been down this path.  You know where it leads.  Yep – drama that I don’t need because it provides me nothing but the addiction to the ego of a little insanity/chaos.  NOT authentic to Who I Am.

I also say “Only the NOW matters.  All else is perception.”  Let me tell you this one is helping me focus and remain in the NOW.  This may be the most difficult of all behaviors to master for it involves getting control of the monkey mind.

I have also been stating that I release all trauma as stored in my brain stem.  I also visualize cutting the energy around that area.  I feel energy move big time when I do this.  It is my belief we do not need the reptilian brain stem ~ I feel it was another tool the archon system used to insert into us and keep us in the fight/flight state. This is NOT our original state.

I am fully restored to the Wholeness of Who I Am.

And always, give thanks when you remember to.

Forgive yourself for everything.

Lighten up.  Be just as kind to yourself as you would a loved one in need.  I am quite aware I speak to strangers or even people I don’t care for better than I do myself.  So now when I am tuned into the Now and not feeling so well about myself, low energy, inevitably I am not thinking the highest thoughts of myself.  So I ask myself ~ would you speak this way to someone else, someone I don’t even know?  Nope.  So why do it to yourself?  Old programming.  A big ‘ole illusion.

Let it go.  Let it all go.

And as I type those words I laugh for every day for the past 3 days as I walk into my daughter’s bedroom to either open her blinds or close them, I bump into her Elsa Piggy Bank and when I do, I am privy to the “Let It Go” song.  Now mind you it’s been on the floor for ages, but for some reason I am “choosing” to bump it in just the right space right now to be reminded to “Let It Go.”

And so I do.  Because deep within I know – we all make it.  I think of the Love I have for my child and there is nowhere within Me/me/ME that would ever tell her she is not worthy of or ready for Paradise.  Heaven. New Earth.  And that is speaking from the perspective of Knowing I am still growing into/returning to again this state of Unconditional Love. Anything to the contrary is fear-based, judgmental crap that has no place in this Ascension/Returning To Oneness journey.

The pure Knowing that I have is that just having the desire and taking whatever action, gentle action I can NOW to Heal and Rise into the Higher Energies of this New Earth Realm is enough.

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