Some Sky Captures Over The Past 2 Days ~ And A Couple of Cute Cat Pics


last night ~ strange glow due South at sunset

sunset last night ~ due west

interesting orb captures last night

sky capture this afternoon

tonight’s sky capture

acrobatic cat (the gray and white cat referenced earlier)

another neighborhood cat with advanced acrobatic skills.  i saw this out on a walk and saw neighbors out.  “do you see that cat?” i asked.  oh yes that’s felix.  he does that all the time, i was told.  well ok then.

some artwork i scored for free today (side of the road w/free sign).  this was after i walked around the house this past week and thought “i need some different artwork up on the walls”.  something new, funky.  thank you highest self/universe for the find!  this was a perfect find!

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