The Solar Flash Is Close


I am sharing this one as it resonates with me for a few reasons.  One, she had a dream of this event the same time period I did (early 2017).  Secondly, she feels (as I and so many others do) this event is weeks away.  Lastly, she is a mama, driven to share information on her website, struggling with feeling guilty that she is not spending as much time w/her child as she would like.  I share the same experience at times (and if I listened to myself 100% of the time I would spend even more time at this ~ I continue to see myself doing live video’s on my youtube channel, breaking down news article’s I see and sharing my experience, but I just don’t have that kind of time).  She has a draw to the Pleiadian’s.  I’m still on the fence about this galactic connection.  I know I have lived elsewhere as have we all.  I know I have connections with other Being’s from other realms.  I had that experience in July of 2009 where I was telepathically called to come outside and when I did, saw the most beautiful, amazing white pulsing orb/craft, had some communications and left me with “see you soon”.  However, I do not give my trust 100% to anything outside of Me ~ especially with any Being I have not met.  My personal creed: be open to all Being’s but don’t follow blindly no matter how cool their toys and abilities.


It’s Sunday night and I’m buzzing. It’s not a very pleasant kind of buzzy though. I have had a couple of attacks today that have left me with an intense anxiety in my solar plexus. The first was accompanied by a faster-than-usual heartbeat; the second by breathlessness and at one point I got so dizzy I almost blacked out. Unfortunately this is the reality for lightworkers when they’re stepping into their power and creating real, tangible change for the liberation of this prison planet. I’m kind of getting used to it and to be honest it highlights to me where I need to be doing better protection work!

On a personal note I seem to be going through some challenging feelings around my role as a mama. I think because my mission is stepping up in a big way, and I’m having all of these Pleiadian contact experiences as well as getting my website going, I feel like I’m neglecting Tommy. He’s watching quite a lot of TV these days, and when you read the studies about how bad it is for brain development and you know about the AI interference and all the rest of it… well, it’s easy to beat yourself up. But I know the solar flash is coming soon and everything will change so much then, which doesn’t excuse it but it does mean that I have to weigh up all my options to make sure I’m making progress in the most important and urgent areas. Right now, with the solar flash happening in a matter of weeks, I feel that getting my website up and running is an absolute priority. On top of that, the more transmissions I can do with people the better as it all contributes to the liberation and to the healing of Gaia.

I did a transmission this morning for Tim and it was so unbelievably powerful. And I felt so much like I’m in my element as I was doing it, and it made me realise how much this is my calling. It’s such a joy to feel confident in what I’m bringing to the world, and it’s a big change for me too!

Onto more exciting things! I realised tonight as I was struggling to sit upright at the dinner table that this wasn’t just the feeling of being attacked, but rather it was the feeling of being with my Pleiadians. Where my consciousness kind of divides and part of me joins them on their ship, so I’m much less able to function in my physical body. It’s happening daily now and I realise they are preparing and attuning me for physical contact.

There have been some beautiful updates from them lately. The day before yesterday (Friday 9th) I felt the energies coming through so strongly in the night that I was like a lightning rod. Energy coursed through my body in waves. I got maybe one hour’s sleep. I asked my guides to ease it off but unfortunately I had no luck! The energy washed through and around my body, and it felt like it was transforming me. It was so strong and intense that I honest to god thought the Event was going to happen the following day. It felt similar to the prophetic dreams that I had around a year ago of how the Event will feel. Powerful, intense, yet blissful energies that come in one wave after another until we can’t actually move and we just have to lie still and surrender. It’s going to be so beautiful, I can’t wait!

So my Pleiadians have been giving me some further guidance through the downloads I have been receiving. They have asked me to share this publicly to help people connect with the expansive possibility and potential for the future.

They revealed to me that soon after the Event, they will make physical contact with me. I will be like their representative or ambassador. (By the way when I say Pleiadians I am talking specifically about a small group who are my soul family and are currently in a ship in sublunar space. As for the wider Pleiadian community I am not sure exactly what their moves will be). They showed me that I will wake up at around 4 or 5am one night when everyone is asleep. They will have landed in a park near my house. I will be telepathically guided to their location and I’ll go and meet them.  They will then take us (myself, my little boy Tommy and my partner Tim) onto their ship. They will take us on a journey so we can fly with them and see some of beautiful Gaia from the skies (I’m not sure how high we’ll go!) while they also give us a healing and a briefing as to what we need to do in the coming days and weeks (I just checked the word count at 777).

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