Something huge is about to happen in the Cosmos


Short and simple piece.  What are your thoughts?  I feel the “something huge is about to happen” part just need to tune in to the “cosmos” part.  


Something big is coming. I’m feeling it in the flow. Never felt anything this strong before.

Unlike most of the energies since 2014 this energy feels masculine in nature and will cause changes in everything. It will not stop until it’s complete.

It’s movement within the ALL.

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Author: Victoria1111

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3 thoughts on “Something huge is about to happen in the Cosmos”

  1. Well, I just read that the Chinese are now backing their Yuan with Gold and that Russia will export their oil in Yuan rather than the US dollar. A deflation in the USD and possible global re-set looming?

  2. The energy I feel is predominantly what mother nature or your Gaia is proving. It is getting stronger and faster. It is the masculine energies of ourselves evolving and the feminine energies telling us to clean house and do away with the old to make room for the new.

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