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Given my recent piece on money and another piece on solving the problem, I thought I would make today’s Daily Notes on the thing we all love to hate and hate to love: money.

I have a love/hate relationship with money, like many of you.  I love it when I have it and hate it when I don’t, which for me means I have hated money my entire adult life.

:::insert pause for laughter:::

Seriously though.  I have come to believe and know for a fact that money is a means to enslave us and control us from how happily/easily we live to how we feel about ourselves.  Anyone who struggles with having enough money will tell you it is easier to be happy when you have enough money on a consistent basis.  And those folks (myself included) will also tell you there is a general impression in our culture that those who have the most money and are financially stable are given more respect and feelings of worth.  I saw this in spades growing up as a child and it made me uncomfortable then while today it rather repulses me.

And it’s sad.  And a lie.  An illusion.  And most of us buy into it.  I say most of us because I no longer do.  I used to until I got slapped around a lot by life, namely the working world and got myself some health issues on top of it, keeping me in that world of poverty or bordering on it.  This has a way of humbling a person.  I grew to despise money so much, today I admit to a prejudice to those who have a good amount of it.  And certainly do I despise the attitude of those who believe themselves to be better than or more deserving simply because they have a lot of green paper notes called “fiat currency” in their bank accounts.  I have but one thing to say to these folks.  Well, ok two things:

  1. You are not better than anyone else so get over your false sense of self.
  2. You never know when life will deal you a blow or two or three or four and you will find yourself at the mercy of others.

It’s interesting to me how money is dealt with like this big secret.  It’s ok to ask someone “hey who you voting for?” but it is taboo to say “hey how much you make?”.  Both are very personal questions.

When you think about it our entire lives revolve around this damn paper with green ink.  Without it you don’t eat, house yourself, educate yourself, clothe yourself or get health and medical care.  At least not securely.  And security is where it’s at with money if you wish to have much of the stress associated with it removed.  And goodness knows more and more people here in the states alone deal with on-going financial insecurity.  It’s hard not to stress about it.  I struggle with this very thing every single day of my life.  Every single day.  I am able to find moments of peace – often at long stretches.  Through much discipline I have been able to build new thoughts around abundance – how there is plenty for us all myself included – and how money easily flows to me. Sometimes I believe myself.  Other times I don’t.  The point is I do not feel financially secure.  And that is a stress that leads to unnecessary suffering.  And no one – not a single one of us – needs to, should have to nor deserves that experience.  EVER.  Life is more than that.  Is that why we come here – to be enslaved, worry about financial insecurity and then die?  That ain’t in my life plan book.  Not anymore.

Why do we put up with this?  I don’t ever recall coming into this reality and agreeing to pay to live here.  Who the hell says I have to pay some bank or corporation just to survive?  It’s wrong.  It’s unethical.  It’s immoral.

That is why I embrace the concepts of NESARA and bartering and resource-based economies like The Venus Project and UBUNTU.  Look ’em up.  Expand your mind.  Open your heart.  One day, sooner than later I am feeling, much sooner, some of us will be forced to deal with this topic and look at our own fears and prejudices we hold on this topic.

Others, like myself, will smile, weep tears of joy while feeling our entire beings relax.  Finally – the moment we have been waiting for.  Economically, personally, spiritually we have come home to Who We Really Are and the connection we all share and how easy and joyful life can and should be – for us all.  A coming home party for us all.  And that will just be the start of more enlightened, beautiful, Truthful means of being and loving.

Love In Action Now.

Yeah, even with money.

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