St. Germain Says Total Disclosure In February, Donald Trump Will Not Be Running For Re-election…


I continue to feel, as I have since the summer of 2016, that Trump (if he won), would not serve his full term.  I saw nothing “bad” happening ~ just felt and continue to feel that he would step aside after doing what he came to do.  He is not a politician.  Never has been, never will be.  He didn’t want this role but stepped up and took it on to do what needed to be done long long ago.  Of course this could just be the timeline I am on for myself and have seen.  Others may have a different perception.  As timelines continue to (supposedly) merge, ALL of our perceptions may be changing and soon.


Christine Preston

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I have received a telepathic message from Saint Germain just 5 minutes ago. He said thank you. He seemed pleased with the typing and said something NEW: HE SAID THERE WILL BE TOTAL DISCLOSURE IN FEBRUARY. I asked what ‘total’ really means and he said IT WILL ALL COME OUT IN THE NEWS… and I asked ‘is it at the beginning or end of February?’ He said towards the END. So here is a prophecy again! He said that Donald Trump will not be running or be re-elected again because he has done enough and some things will be put in place to secure the situation, for instance it will never be possible again for any power to get any person elected because the system is rigged. They, these dark ones, will be defeated and will never be able to MISUSE the systems again. HE SAID ‘Your mind is racing!’.. He also said this TOTAL DISCLOSURE IS THE FINAL ACT…I said ‘formidable!’.. the closing of the curtains on this terrible scenario. Perhaps the closing of the curtains on the Piscean Age too, and low dimension! We are emerging into a new World! All according to the Divine Plan!…. Better recharge with the Tube of Light!… Love, christiine

By the way some channelers say that the Masters etc never give dates but it’s not so especially if the date or prophecy cannot be affected by human will, but what happened is that a channeler only accepted to channel on the condition that no dates would be given because something promised didn’t take place. But then people make rules out of some information and distort it. (that’s how I understand what happened). The date or event relating to Feb 18, 2018 for the end of the transition period cannot be affected by human will, so if they decide to give it, why not? my service is unconditional… that’s my argument! -Christine Preston

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