Starseed Birthday Wish: In Desperate Need of a Vacation

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I’m going to be 51 next week.

For my birthday, I would like a vacation.  Of the permanent kind.

A permanent vacation from the ongoing pressure of making money.

A permanent vacation from being criticized and judged.

A permanent vacation from bullies.

A permanent vacation from having to swim through a sea of illusions and guesses disguised as fact/truth only to be told we must use Discernment, a convenient passive/aggressive response.

A permanent vacation from pseudo-relationships.

A permanent vacation from enslavement to all things that require us to pay ridiculous sums of money in order to feed ourselves/shelter ourselves/keep ourselves warm, educated and alive.

A permanent vacation from LIES.

A permanent vacation from health issues, an aging body, mind and soul.

And while I am intending all of these Realities every single day, I will take a temporary vacation for that birthday, please.

Someplace warm.  Sunny.  24/7 access to room service, maid service, and massage and energy healings.  Complete with nanny services.

Someplace quiet.  To contemplate.  To write.  To meditate.  Without distraction.  To nap for days and days if I so choose.

On a beach.  Surrounded by lots of trees.

A L O N E.

My journey has been a bitch, a bastard – take your pick.  I shall be writing a book about it.

I haven’t had a vacation in almost 10 years.

I am tired and worn out.  Burned the fuck out in more ways than one.

Done.  Finished.

And yet, hopeful too.  A growing hope at that.

So yes, Universe, for my birthday, please send me a vacation.

I would be most grateful.


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2 thoughts on “Starseed Birthday Wish: In Desperate Need of a Vacation”

  1. Today culture makes all of us irrevelant if we dont consume and work for more money to consume, its loop. Many people like you or me want permament vacations, because we`re overworked. This doesnt mean we would never work again, but we need NOW time to balance, regenerate ourselfves. This one of thing that are need to understand by masses, unemployment isnt bad, but more likely should be called gap time(from gap year popular in college) or debrefing time.
    Second, YOU, ME, OTHER Lightworkers often forgot we not only work physicaly in this matrix. We also have full time job in making this planet ascend. FROM this perspective we are walking transistors. When transistor is dead we say” its not working” and we nonstop with our intent amplyfiy, purify energetic field around us. That why if we wouldnt work we wouldnt be unemployment, we would still work but this work is yet not reconized in society that why those permament vacation idea is just idea of stoping overworking. WE WORK NOW MORE THEN OTHERS. We change this planet right now. We do not send email, photocopy or make coffe in office we Heal this PLANET, we are doctors we need to regonize this. We dont need to sucumb to ambitions in today world of how much we work, cause we the only ones working 24/7 concioussly or not.

    On another note I dont see you posting information from Cobra but last updated was fascinating about new light grind:
    Looking at those new Equator makes me happy, finally more hot weather.

    1. i don’t resonate much with cobra – on some things yes, on others, very much no. but will check out.

      thank you for pointing my mind in a new direction as to how much i/we already do work – helping our beautiful planet ascend as well as humanity – requires a lot of our focus and energy whether we are fully aware of it or not. i look at how many hours i have logged for the past 25 years teaching myself and sharing that knowledge – all free of charge. i have put in my dues for certain and need to begin validating the work i already have done/am doing.

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