Any Starseed Brother’s and Sister’s Up For This?


Once the financial stuff takes place and healing tech is released, anyone else interested in meeting up in Mt. Shasta?  Or move there and begin to create our own little world?  Unless the opening to New Earth(s) happens prior.  I am letting go of this little part of my world I have lived in for so long and the desire to GO THERE NOW TO NEW is very very palpable.


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1 thought on “Any Starseed Brother’s and Sister’s Up For This?”

  1. Oh yes! Sandra Walters lives there!
    Becoming more and more difficult to be with “family” and eat the popcorn.
    Really tired and worn out. Still have some work to do. Need help on that.
    Double rainbow and snowed today. Thank you for the signs!
    With Honor and Reverence

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