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I will be linking the latest Allison Coe, QHHT, where she shares the latest information from her clients in terms of The Event and New Earth.  It is very exciting – gave me chills – and confirms what all of her other clients have been saying all year.  The Event Flash will hit in the first quarter of 2018 (Jan-March).

Watching her video charged me up.  Reaffirmed inside what I know to be truth.  Every one of us is here for this soon-to-be moment.  Every single one of us.  There is not one person/soul who did not sign up to be here.  It is our roles that vary.  What I see is some will stay in this realm and others will go to their own planets.  Realm.  Realities.  All dependent upon the our unique frequencies.

In the interim, I feel it is important to welcome in this energy.  Start talking about it if you haven’t already.  Start prepping others.  Who cares if they don’t listen or give the look or even get defensive.  Yes, it sucks and hurts and annoys and angers when disrespectful behavior is tossed our way.  This energy wave is coming and nothing or no one(s) can stop it.  I have seen it and I have seen at least some of the effect it has on the masses. The feel I have received is we don’t know how people will respond ~ especially those who are completely unaware of it.

Plant the seeds.  Speak of a huge galactic event coming up.  Speak of the ongoing increase of the Schumann Resonance (I use that one as it gives people a visual ~ something that is difficult to deny).  Speak of peace finally returning ~ freedom.  Ask them to imagine what that will feel like.  At times when I speak like this I say I know I am here for this and have waited 25 years in this incarnation ~ and perhaps hundreds of previous times of existence in body.

If you want (I have done something similar), write up a note to pass around to others after this energy wave enters our realm.  You can say something like “I know you are feeling confused at this point.  Perhaps blissful ~ intense energies and feelings.  You know something has happened but you cannot explain it.  If you need to talk, let me know.”  Simple and to the point.

I am unsure as to whether all of us will be staying here after the Event. Some may.  Some may choose to go on to other realms, other experiences. Sometimes I get this feel I will be leaving, with an inner feeling of “I have done what I came here to do.  Mission accomplished.”  I realize this may change into something else, a new perception and interpretation.

However the thing I am fully sure of is this moment is coming.  The big one. I feel small blasts of this energy have been hitting us for some time.  How long?  I don’t know.  I know the Schumann began spiking to new levels this past year and when they have hit ~ when they have been what I call those long stretching bubbles ~ it feels AWESOME!  Lately I have been seeing if I can tune into this Galactic Wave of energy as given in the multi-dimensional aspect of All ~ everything happens in this NOW moment therefore this energy CAN be accessed.

We welcome it in.

We welcome in New.  Truth.  Peace.  Love.  Healing. UNITY.

And when do we want it?


We all have a role, a purpose in this.  Let us each use it wisely, with an open heart and with our FULL POWER.  And remember (I am saying this every bit as much to myself as I am to all of you):  Our Full Power will be unique for each of us.  There is no one picture here of Who We Are.  We are like a field of wildflowers.  Some are seemingly quiet, subdued in color ~ others are bold, some prickly, some small, some large.  Each is beautiful in its own Light.

Embrace your inner flower.  

Much love~



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