A Very Strange Voice On The Emergency Broadcast System Today


PBS had a couple of emergency broadcast announcements today on the television.  Nothing that unusual.  However, while in the car today, there were then two on two different radio stations (playing at the same time). I experienced that because as I heard the first one, I changed the station and noticed it again.  The voice was male, was unusually low and spoke very slowly.  It perplexed me and scared my girl a bit.  I swear you guys, it sounded alien.

Then if that wasn’t enough, on the local kids PBS channel, the image froze and the strangest signal I have ever heard came on and would not let up so we changed the channel.  When we went back a couple minutes later, it was still showing the same image and had the same signal.

What’s interesting to me is reading some intel from 4Chan who said sometime soon, after most of the arrests (or was it all – I can’t remember at the moment), they (the good peeps) would be having their own announcement broadcast via the emergency broadcast system.

Was what I heard today on the radio ~ a voice I have NEVER heard before ~ a prelude?  Practice run?

Who knows.  Just putting it out there…

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