The Sun Moved Back To Its Original Position


I wouldn’t have believed it myself if I hadn’t seen the glow tonight.  As I shared last week, the Sun was suddenly (as in overnight) setting much farther north than normal.  Tonight, the glow of the sun was further south, returning to the same position as it should be this time of year.  A friend on facebook, who follows the sun, also confirmed today that this morning she noticed the sun was back in its original location, having been off the previous days: “Had to come back and say the sun moved back to where is was before this morning!! ☀️☀️ The world is getting wonkier and wonkier” (posted 14 hours ago).

Here’s the picture from this evening, 7:40pm, PST, followed by the pic taken 3 days ago, 3 houses down, underneath.  (sorry for the quality – tonight’s sunset was rather muted)  Dorothy, we aren’t in Kansas anymore.  The cause?  Well, a large gravitational mass could create such a wobble, something like Nibiru.  I don’t discuss that on here, certainly not for some time, but I believe it is an inner-dimensional object, likely a massive craft given it’s unusual patterns of movement.


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