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I stayed up very late last night watching the last video I linked.  I also watched some of the other videos and checked around to see who they connect with.  Some things about their perspective just didn’t resonate with me and had me questioning my path.

Again.  The doubt crept in.

Argh, Victoria.

I began to question what I hold to be True in my heart.  Began to doubt my visions and the like.

There was this sense in the videos that overall, the journey out is very very difficult, if we even escape, as the message was many will not.  Much of the talk was on the dark controlling factions with only a brief mention of the Benevolent Beings who are there in the other realms to assist. Their belief is there will be two “armageddons” – the first one will harvest those who haven’t done their inner work (as defined by their perspective on how it is to be “done”), leaving them to the total destruction of their Essence ~ forever. Get it absolutely right though and you get saved in the second armageddon.

In my heart, I know, I feel the collective heart of humanity has been doing our best for eons to escape this reality.  I KNOW this.  And as such, there is no part of me that is Truth that says the above will happen.  I call absolute rubbish.

These folks have been in contact with other beings in other realms, many of them “dark”, since childhood so that raised another red flag.

I considered taking down the video I linked last night but for now will keep it up.  I may retract that decision though.

I know and feel that we have our own power. We are Divine Source Creators and it is US who create our own experience and the more we Remember our Power, those experiences change ~ for the betterment of humanity ~ as we are witnessing now. We are taking back our Power.  Remembering. Feeling.  Being in our heart space. Knowing when to just Observe, knowing when to take action with that Observing.

And damnit all, we are not alone in this process, in this Remembering, in this breaking-out!  I get quite fed up with hearing this “no one is here to help us” and “there is only one way ‘out'” and the like.  ENOUGH!

Love helps.  Assists.

I know to the Core of who I am that I am here for a reason.  A very “big” reason.  I remember my Oversoul encouraging the part of itself that entered my body sending the message “do not forget – remember – this is it – let’s do it”.  Those weren’t the exact words – if it was even words used at all – that is just the impression I received when I returned to that experience.

Is that programmed into me from the enslavers?  I have to offer up that question.  Taking it from a space of complete neutrality, complete observation, I have to say “anything is possible.”  And yet does that make it True?  I am quickly learning when something doesn’t resonate, quickly learning when it’s a fear-based program instead of my own Source Truth, which never presents information in fear energy and is what calms and soothes me when I am falling for the doubt – when I ask for further clarification. In fact, as I type this I suddenly feel a shift within.  I could really feel my Higher Self – more than I ever have – over my shoulder – guiding me, almost doing the typing for me.  Having a bit of an out-of-body experience in this moment as I type these words.  Just had to throw that out there.

So…..I am learning when the program of doubt kicks in, it comes from a certain space in my body, creating a certain feeling.  And I can say this about that experience – it is not there for my benefit.  Thus the experience of remembering my initial experience of entering this world holds True.  And I will not deviate away from it no matter how much programmed states of fear and doubt and hesitation wish me to.

As I mentioned, listening to these videos last night rather knocked me off my center – although not as much as in weeks and months past – which rather surprised me.  (*I am returning to this piece a few hours later – and given what I read today on another site I follow, I believe another “something” did indeed change and shift in the last 24 hours which explains my ability to return to center again easier than in the past.  I will link that piece next.)  Listening to something that deviated away from my own truth in that Now moment has had me rather (subconsciously at times – perhaps an automatic response) creating the experience of becoming depressed and apathetic, very much in the state of being the victim.  Totally dis-empowering and serves me NO purpose (other than a reason to stay in bed and reject everything “out there” – something I have battled for much of my life).  The couple in the video spoke of the hijacker’s ability to induce states of bliss within us to make us trust them. Good point.  And yet – just as we know with people, ok just as I know with people, if one is truly of Love, of Source, of Authentic Space, they will not attempt to control or seek to put their agenda on another.  While we can share our perspectives and encourage others to Remember by presenting information, you know the old saying – we can lead one another to water but we cannot – we must not – coerce or manipulate them into drinking the water.  Not if we claim we are acting from Purity.  That is our ego wanting to control when Source Heart Allows all to have their own individual experience.

When reaching outside of ourselves for assistance, whether it be in this dimension or in others, when the Being is in a state of Divine Purity, if your request is something they can assist with, they will.  If not, they won’t.  Never will they judge or coerce.  One would also be willing to answer any question you have without reaction too – if of Purity – certainly if it’s in a realm outside of our own.

I believe it is that simple.  It’s something I have learned through remembering my Origins on Gaia.  The concept of Sovereignty, inherent in all Beings who are of Source.

So what can we do to co-create this experience and help end this hijacked one?

Intend from our heart.

Intend to Remember.

Stand firm in our Truth no matter how much fear ripples through us.

And know we are not alone.  For every mislead being who has controlled us, there are far more of Pure Intentions who wish to help and are.  So let us intend more of them Now.

That is all for now.  



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