The Importance of Discernment


I almost put up a channeled piece but decided to look more into this individual and the history of their work.  Just as I thought, as is often the case, some if not many of these channeled works have been repeating the same messages going back yearS (big plural “s” is needed here).  This particular individual put out a piece back in early 2009, right after Obama was sworn into office and it was stated that with this new President, the old ways of war and the like would now be coming to an end.  Clear changes in policies, differing from decades past, were to begin.


Even though under Obama’s watch there were more bombs dropped than in the previous Administrations.  Even though under his administration, we had the expansion of the Constitution/Freedom destroying “Patriot Act” and the “NDAA”.

I remember when Obama was elected and sworn into office.  I knew his charisma and ability to incite an audience, along with the color of his skin (to show how “progressive” politics really is), were the reason he was selected.  I knew he would not be allowed to bring in the changes he spoke of.  I did research to determine who he was bringing with him.  All Washington Insiders.  I already knew of the shadow government and I knew he was not going to bring in sweeping change.  I knew we would continue to see more of the same with some tweaks.  I wasn’t being pessimistic.  Quite the opposite.  I voted for Nadar at the time because I KNEW we needed a D.C. outsider to bring down the system.

So instead, I was being a realist.

To understand this just took someone with the ability to think with an open mind and to partake of research.  I didn’t need to “channel” anything to know this.

I prefer to own my words ~ especially when it comes to sharing my words with the world.  And it brings a level of disappointment when I see those who don’t.

I have the habit now of checking others who post what sound to be otherwise “fantastical” articles such as President Trump signed an Executive Order to release New Technologies when a quick check on his White House website showed no such thing or when I read “The RV is happening tonight”.  When I see their information is in fact disinformation, I call them on it.  Most of the time I am ignored, but I have heard the excuse is that in the world of intel, we sometimes get things wrong.

Get things wrong, yes.  But when sharing such information that has the potential to really uplift a very-much-ready populace, make damn sure that information is factual ~ meaning check your sources.  As my dear friend John used to say, “I triangulate my information before I share it.”

I have always tried to follow his advice ~ which is why I am so particular in what I post here.  I have wanted to post certain things because I knew it would increase readership but opted not to because I could not trust in the information or the source.  Obviously I want a lot of traffic coming here, but I will not compromise my integrity or personal truth in doing so.

When intel/information that is shared turns out to be inaccurate, own it.

Why is that so difficult?

Are these individuals so focused on growing an audience and making money, they will continue to share information that proves inaccurate and not say a word?  Doesn’t that feel like they may be taking advantage of that very-much-ready populace?

If any of you notice that something I share turns out to be inaccurate, please let me know.  Call me on it!  I am EVERY bit as wanting the Truth as are you.  

So in this internet world of “Good News Is Coming Soon” ~ it is so vital you use your discernment.  Your inner voice.  Your truth button.  If there is anything I can honestly, truthfully pass along it is to always always always keep that as your focus.

No matter what fantastical promises are made by the outside world.

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