Thank You!

I have had a plethora of private e-mails from many of you today – which is very healing for the current state I am in.  Divine Timing (which I experience with many of you at times – it still surprises me – in a childlike way!)  I am so very much ready to be done with my issues surrounding money ~ about all I know to do is cry and surrender and ALLOW.  Dreams spoke of this very issue – and what I am experiencing seems to be of a collective energy nature.  Reassuring, yes.  Still doesn’t solve the issue though of course and that is the paradox in which I am left to deal with.

Anyway, just wanted to send out this (probably rather tacky) “thank you” as I am just not in the space much at the moment to respond personally, individually – as I try to do.  Your support and words mean the world to me and trust me when I say they (along with my girl) are what keeps me going, especially in this current moment.

Wishing you all blessings and sending heartfelt gratitude…  Will probably write more later once I get more clarity and healing.


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2 thoughts on “Thank You!”

  1. You are never alone. The universe always has your back. But isn’t it wonderful when there are those advanced and aware enough to be the path through which Source can flow? YOU deserve support and understanding and thanks, not just for what you do with this website but just for being yourself. I too thank everyone who aids you energetically. Good work, guys.

    1. thank you ~ and blessing to you for those words you shared. yes – it is really beautiful to me when i encounter words or actions of support from others. we all need this. that and those moments of synchronicity still reminding my human mind and ego that see – you’re not alone. <3

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