The Event Is Imminent


Last night myself, my mate and my child all had a dream of either the event (my child) or being on the new earth (my mate and myself).


Oh no way in love.  Divine Synchronicity and being tuned in.  Given the experience of others I have read in the last 24 hours, we are about ready to leap folks.  Curtain falls.  The flash.  All is revealed.

Anyone else feeling all of YOU is merging back together?

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2 thoughts on “The Event Is Imminent”

  1. Lord I hope the event is soon. With the powerful hurricanes and everything else, it does feel like things are going in a different direction. I do feel more at peace as of late than usual. I’m letting things “pass” through me and trying not to react to the things in the news and around the world. I just pray and visualize. I ground myself every morning and I build my aura up first thing in the morning. I pray to be guided to where I need to be and to do what I need to be doing. I’ve reconnected with my mother recently. I have no one in real life to talk about the spiritual things and my ever changing belief system, but I am trying to crack the door with my mother. Which is going to be difficult because she still goes to a Baptist church from time to time. I want her to wake up too, because she is in a state of stress and depression so much of the time. I don’t think she ever experiences joy much. My grandmother, her mother, was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and my mother is the primary caretaker. I think she is overwhelmed. For years I had difficulty forgiving my mother for things from my childhood, but the past few years , I have eventually let those things go and don’t blame her because I understand she has her own lessons she is here to learn too. I don’t feel the anger toward her that I used to . Whether or not the event comes soon or later, things are better for me at the current moment. We shall see.

    1. happy to hear from you jayson and that you are in a better inner state. caretaking is extremely stressful. does your state offer assistance? when my mate was diagnosed with his issue, for awhile he required a caretaker (i burned out and our child was a toddler so too much). the state disability/senior services paid for the whole thing.

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