The Original 11

I have heard this term, “The Original 11”, a few times the past couple of years but never gave it much thought.

The past few months I have been guided to several new people to follow/read.  The term recently returned to me and as I saw some of the names of these Original 11 folks, I saw a pattern.  Many of the new people I was guided to follow are (said to be) of the Original 11.

Coincidence?  I leave that up to you, but given I know there is only Synchronicity when searching for higher self truth’s, I believe I am opening up another door in my Awakening Journey.

Here is a link to a piece that outlines who the Original 11 are said to be, here in physical form at this time, to help us as we transcend out of the experience of separation and return to Oneness.  They are not above us. They originate from Source just as you and I do.  This is what I was told.

Still trying to understand it all.  Just thought I would pass this along.


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