The Void


I skimmed a piece last night on being in the void ~ that space where nothing is going on.  The space where one feels in between worlds, where one feels they have let go of old stuff and are waiting on something to come along.

In my go-to space of receiving higher stuff (my bathroom), today I received some info on that void space I feel I am in.  And others too apparently.  First to validate with a judgment – the experience sucks.

Ok, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I thought about my child. When we organize her room, I like to make more space.  She will seem to enjoy the “more room” for awhile but then she wants to fill it up with more stuff.  She does not get this from me – I like space and clutter can send me into a tizzy.  Ok that’s interesting – as I typed the word “space” suddenly the words began to move on my screen as if in a wave formation.

Matrix glitching?  GOOD!  lol  End it!

Anyway, so I thought about my little one and received insight that I am more like her than I realize.  I do not like empty space in my mind.  When I feel I have let something go and am ready to move on, I wanna move on. YESTERDAY.  See Higher Self?  See Universe?  See this beautiful empty space I have created in my mind?  In my life?  Well come on let’s fill ‘er up again with some new experiences, people, thoughts.

Maybe part of transforming, part of “going on” is about BEING in that void.  That space of emptiness.  Nothing going on.  Nothing new to look forward to.  Nothing old to hold onto.  Just pure BEING of absolute NOTHINGNESS.  I have become used experiencing those moments of pure Being for moments here and there.  But this is different.  There is an empty feeling that I am not enjoying so much.


And so I own and embrace my resistance and follow my inner self which is saying the Schumann is today having a huge impact on me and my desire to DO is NIL.  When I am honest, this past week, I have not wanted to socialize.  Have not wanted new projects.  My gathering with my Shaman did not work out for this weekend and inside I was relieved.

So that’s where I am.  Typing this and sharing this was an effort so I am going to finish up and say, “until next time…”


p.s. ~ dinner ideas – quick and easy and healthy ~ are a bonus right now. What I wouldn’t give for a food replicator right about now…

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1 thought on “The Void”

  1. Void huh? For me most of my existance was longing for being in quasi-void existance and I have in my opinion achieve it, but after a while like 5 years of being feeling stuck in it, its the least thing I want. With time it`s turn into sour grape kind argument: ” Im denied abundance? Then I want nothing with it, perhaps its ego or cabal work etc.” Left or right, no middle place thing, stupid thing.
    Some spiritual gurus says that we need to purge and attach as little as possible with is straight bullshit, because if our work is to discover, rediscover or create anything we need as many tools as possible for expressing and that means not only fancy 4d cleaning violet flames but also Pronto. Only combining 3d abundance with higher realms abundance you can express yourself in all possiblities ways.
    On another note its looks like we were in similar frequency, I had need to share my vision on post event 3d hiccup:

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