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Upon awakening this morning, I did a meditation.  I asked for a message my Higher Self wished for me to hear today.

I felt Higher Self sent an impression of “be willing to release your vessel”.

My initial reaction was “uh no I am intending on taking my vessel with me”.  The response was this sense of “Misunderstanding.  Be willing to release what you think of your physical vessel.”  (My higher self doesn’t really speak in words – but rather in impression’s – maybe even codes – that resonate through my emotional body and get interpreted by my brain and mind and words then form.  When I click with the message of High Self, I get the “a ha” moment.  This morning was no exception.

So…..Interesting message.  I began to think about the thoughts I hold towards my physical body.  The limits I still believe it to have among other programmed thoughts.

A willingness to Remember the abilities of my body (that are continually getting “ignited” again, for lack of a better term) along with the willingness and practice of letting go all of the old thoughts of limitation. The health issues I “think” and “believe” I have, in which thinking about them gives them power to remain.  Additionally, the focus I hold in giving more power to my physical vessel then I do my Eternal Higher Self, meaning I still tend to think my physical vessel is more “real” than my Higher Self.

So the journey to returning to Self continues.  


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