A Thought on Compassion And Forgiveness


I have been reading some pieces and watched a video on escaping the matrix.  The tool to get us out?  Compassion.  Forgiveness.

In one sense, I agree.  The frequencies of compassion and forgiveness do not resonate with the matrix energies.

And then there is another thought on compassion and forgiveness.  I have read where (supposedly) the families, the controllers of keeping the systems going in this matrix are “afraid” of exposure, afraid we won’t find forgiveness or compassion.  Personally, I do not see how one who has participated in such darkness for so long would be afraid of that.  I feel they are afraid of the masses sending them to the guillotines.  They are afraid of getting hurt ~ and beyond.

Giving them the benefit of the doubt for now – IF they really do wish us to forgive them and show compassion?

End the game.

Stop their mandates on our lives.

Stop poisoning our air and water.

Stop the chemtrail program.

Release the suppressed technologies.

Full disclosure of EVERYTHING that they have witheld from us.

THEN we as a collective Being will be in that energy space to be compassionate and forgiving.

But to tell humanity we must be in this energy space of compassion and forgiveness now is pre-mature.  Not until we SEE where the prison games have come to an end and they have owned their responsibilities in it, THEN we will rise to the occasion.

I see it this way.  We all want pie.  We know it’s there ~ waiting.  And yet the bakers refuse to let us have it.  They say “forgive us THEN we will give you the pie”.  To which I say – you have given us no reason to give you that level of trust.  We have learned different.  Let us have the pie which is rightfully ours, then we will begin the forgiveness process.

This is a process that requires ALL of us working in full transparency, authenticity, honesty and responsibility.


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