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I heard a youtube video last night about a woman who experienced an NDE.  The story behind her NDE was the result of a war-torn horrific bombing incident.  I was with her until she began to speak of the lessons she had to go through, how she said she learned she had agreed to this experience before coming here, how she had created it.  The beings she was speaking to wore dark robes.


Contracts?  Agreements?  To suffer and experience horrors and trauma’s?

Does that sound like an agenda of Source?

Or of dark beings?

Does that sound like a message of Source who wants us to BE?

Or of dark beings seeking to control and keep our vibes low.

Yeah.  That one is easy to figure out.

We are Creator’s who Create and Experience.

That’s it!

Ascension, our rightful return in frequency to Source.

We have always been Ascended Beings.

This is not complicated.

We are being flooded with photons and gamma ray’s which I feel are the frequencies of Love and Bliss.  They are the frequencies we once experienced before the conquer and matrix grid was put in place.

These are the frequencies where we are fully restored.  We create things in an instant.  We have full reverence for one another.

We live freely.

Love = Freedom.

Freedom = Love.

Again, it is that simple.

This is where we are returning.

I am asking people to reconsider beliefs around contracts and karma and reincarnation and agreements.  I canceled all that earlier this year.

And let me tell you ~ the freedom I feel inside since doing that ~ the empowerment ~ is awesome.

Again ~ Love = Freedom.





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3 thoughts on “Thoughts In The Moment…”

  1. After denial of any kind of spiritual experience and overwhelming twisted for negative purpose agenda of nihilism and atheism versions in today culture people are starved for any kind out of world experience, either angels, demons or space aliens etc. So now when everyone consciously or not open for some contact those things happen, not everyone working for light. right now must be a starseed or even have acknowledgement of ascesion process. People are feeling there will perhaps be change from material view to more spiritual so first trendsetters start to pop up. A cultural change on metaphysical level thats lead to people becoming obsessed with spirituality, we no longer hipsters here 😛

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