Thoughts Of A Weary Starseed Human – Part 2

As though I could come up with more things to say on this whole weary starseed human experience.  But as I like to say: “Can’t come up with anything to say? Come sit next to me and I will think of something.”

Lately I have been seeing these stats, on random sites, posed by random people, that say anywhere between 65-85% of the population are either cloned or without souls.  The idea of most humans being cloned or soul-less bothers me deeply and it simply doesn’t resonate with me.  After giving it some contemplation, I came up with something tonight and I would like to present it and see what you think and feel about my concept: I believe that statistic simply represents the percentage of folks who simply are not ready to awaken.  It isn’t that they don’t want to – it is simply that they can’t.  Why?  I don’t know for sure.  Perhaps it is part of their evolutionary plan as created by their Higher Self.  Perhaps it is simply due to a lack of will.  Perhaps they simply aren’t ready.

All of this leads me to ask the question though:  Just who are “they”?  Who is this “they” making these choices?  If it is our physical body that stays behind upon “death”, which part(s) of us continue on the road of conscious experience?  Spirit?  Soul?  Higher self? I believe with the utmost certainty that we carry with us energetic markers and impressions (much like fingerprints) of all of our experiences in a physical vessel.  These energies then alter our soul/spirit/higher self, thus influencing future incarnations.

Why DO some of us seem so damn intent on awakening?  I have had the driving passion my entire life to DO something BIG in this lifetime – which as time passed, I came to realize ultimately it was to ensure I escaped the slavery system of the matrix and make sure I and as many others don’t ever return to this or ANY OTHER controlled system. Wouldn’t you think then that every soul would wish the same for itself and the physical vessel in which it more or less inhabits?

So who really knows the answer.  While we are not the same, we are still One and as such, wouldn’t you think that we would then all be on the same energetic wave length at some level?  They say separation is an illusion, but I’m not so sure.  Perhaps it is possible we are all energetically connected but it is still possible to have completely different experiences and make completely different choices, which then paints the picture of a massive puzzle with endless pieces of the puzzle, scattered all over the place.

Or maybe (this just came to me – I am writing in pure stream-of-consciousness here)…maybe this experience is simply SOURCE seeking to gather together all of it’s “parts” to be ONE once again.

Oh well.  I could philosophize the hell out of this and I am too tired this evening to continue down this rabbit hole.  So I will end it with this final thought, similar to my first post on the topic.  I have reached a point where I no longer have the same inner drive to awaken others.  I’m not even sure I wish to plant seeds – certainly not like I used to.  I am becoming more interested in just letting everything play out, surrendering, remembering all there is to remember about myself and ultimately, knowing this journey is really about Me.

Separate from. Together with.


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6 thoughts on “Thoughts Of A Weary Starseed Human – Part 2”

  1. Again you beautifully and precisely wrote the exact same thoughts / questions / doubts in my mind….. we are one yet we are so different at the same time, how human can make themselves all agree to do one thing – ascension , after all we are granted with freewill. In reality , it is almost imposible to have the whole family agree upon each other, how on earth to make the whole human consciousness ( 7 billions people ) choose the same choice??

    1. did i send you an e-mail last weekend asking to join the e-mail group?? i thought i did but going over my list i can’t find your name on it. if you want to join let me know and i’ll include you. (right now i’m just gathering interest – i sent out an initial e-mail to all who posted here asking if they wish to join.)

      yes absolutely – we are one but not the same – none of us – not even those who consider ourselves starseeds, etc. i am intending – hoping – that the end result will be all of us on new earth. 🙂

        1. ok – just sent to you! i don’t know how i missed not including you. a mutual starseed offered to help me – i should have taken up his offer as i made more than one error. i’m too bz ascending apparently. 🙂

  2. Hi, so how will the email group work? We just email you and what happens to it and how do we get the list to connect with others? Guess I am a dope or something….I have your email address but how does the group work?

    1. good morning glo! i am giving everyone a week to let me know if they are interested – and then i will send out another e-mail with everyone’s e-mail – public for all to see. and then we’ll just take it from there. i’ll come up w/an opening question to get the convo going. 🙂

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