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Well, what an interesting week this has been.  There have been some challenges for me, as I have shared.  And I am processing and dealing so that I may let go.  Today, over my left shoulder, I heard “it’s ok to love yourself and be gentle with yourself as you heal from this”.  I felt my Higher Self embrace me.  I immediately softened.

My internal dialogue, after I have been hurt, is something like this:  “Why did this happen?  I don’t understand!  Why?….Ok, why did you let this happen to you?  What’s wrong with you?”

Obviously none of that is helpful.  lol

So today, after I wailed on my punching bag, I took some deep breaths and went about making lunch for the family.  That is when I heard my Higher Self speak.

Healing from my pains must include being loving and gentle with myself. No exceptions. 

The challenges of this week surrounded boundaries.  And I had begun to backslide into self-blame (after I went through the anger stuff) on this issue until one of my awesome readers pointed out that there are people who will simply be unable to respect the boundaries of another, even when the individual has made their boundaries clear and solid and consistent.

I was very grateful for those words of Truth.  For this was most indeed my experience, overall, this past week.

And it was no coincidence these experiences cropped up in such a big way after the energies that began last weekend.  The dark is clinging onto all it can, likely finding pieces of our ego’s that are still in doubt and fear to grab onto and try and provide sustenance to those seeds of doubt.

See through the Illusion.

It’s all bullshit.

Make care-taking of YOU #1.


Be so Authentically Bright, others will either repel and run away or will be inspired.

Gaia is goin’ up.

And we are going up with Her.


I will be working on a new piece this week on Lemuria.  I had another experience last night while I slept ~ this time I left my body and traveled back to that particular time period and saw myself.  I received such profound information, I know it is meant to be shared with those of us who resonate with this “Lemuria Is Calling” experience.  It was a very moving experience.  Anyway, look for it this week sometime.  


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2 thoughts on “Thoughts On Boundaries”

  1. “Gaia is going up & we’re going up with her.” Whoo! I needed that.

    Glad my words were helpful, thank you! Yours have been helpful to me since I found this blog a few weeks ago. I remember thinking, WOW, finally somebody with the guts to question the new cage fluffy “you have to be positive all the time & forgive all the dark beings or Gaia will exit stage right without you, & btw shame on you, unenlightened scum, how dare you be angry/tired/DONE!” crowd! Shoot, I get SO sick of all that false light nonsense, and finding your honesty and bold questions and willingness to be raw and real was a breath of fresh air!

    I do get the familiar vibe – who knows, maybe we do know each other from “up there”! Would not surprise me one bit. 😊

    1. well it is definitely a relief whenever i do connect with someone who is actually authentic meaning yes we get angry and question and yes there are many of us who are weary and TIRED. oh god the mental fatigue of it all. so ditto on every word you say. if i read something that makes me feel guilty or ashamed or spoken down to (i do not like those pieces that say “dear ones” – speaking down to us energetically – i see right through it) – i click off and move on – take what i can use. wishing you a beautiful day of visions of our new home. 🙂

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