Thoughts For Today ~ May 19, 2017


Well, I had it happen again.  Received information while in the shower.  I swear, I need a waterproof recording device so I don’t have to “hurry up and finish”, grab a towel and head out to write stuff down or record.  Is there even such a thing?  Who knows.

Anyway, so here’s what my higher self or whatever that part of me is that gets these pictures and images that come through my center like the speed of light, racing up to my brain, leaving it to try and put it together in some sort of a logical sounding story.

Separation is ending.  Unity/Oneness is incoming and will culminate with the flash.  The event.  Whatever label one wishes to put on it.  We will feel that Oneness again.  I have seen this.

This also means, as I have written on before, that our multi-dimensional Selves are merging back.  In fact, I also felt we can call on them now.  I did it myself at the time by calling on the part of me that is well and immediately elevated my mood.

This coincides with a vision I had a couple of nights ago during my late night meditations/intentions.  I wanted to know more about this multi-dimensional self stuff.  I asked for a metaphor as that is what I more resonate with.  It is easier for me to understand otherwise difficult-to-grasp concepts with metaphors.  In fact, it makes me laugh as I am a writer so I should like words, right?  Well I do like to put them together and form a story – quietly – on paper.  But speaking?  No.  I prefer and long for the realm where we can just project pictures if speaking with the vocal cords is not desirable, especially when I am struggling to explain something.  A not so unusual experience.

Anyway the metaphor I received was a pebble in a pond.  We have the pebble, which is fully Us, and each ripple is a representation.  Make sense? Good!  Then can you please explain it to me because I am still trying to wrap my mind around it.

Returning to the shower message.

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  1. While there aren’t waterproof recording devices, you can buy a sleeve for your phone or electronic device. They are waterproof and can allow you to record your thoughts while otherwise indisposed.

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