Timelines All Over The Place


I had another “glitch” in the matrix occur again.  New timeline.  Whatever you want to call it.  A neighbor of ours who in timeline #1 had just one dog, then in timeline #2 had two dogs (that was last summer) and now I notice has just the one dog again which makes timeline #3?  Or has #1 returned?  Or ??????

I really want to know is this part of this process of “exiting the matrix”, ascension or is this due to CERN messing with things?  A little of both?

Curious minds (that would be me – highly curious and quite commanding) want to know.

The Schumann is spiking somewhat but not like it was in previous days.  I feel that so much these days and much prefer the large, on-going spikes. I resonate with the frequency and have concluded I am not in alignment with the frequency of the lower ends and the corresponding systems that align with them (pay to live, competition and the like).  Today I surrendered myself to the truth that I have never resonated and never will.  And that is ok.  How to “BE” and “BE WELL” in this frequency that is still ticking/kicking is the quandary. Perhaps the answer can be found in the song I heard yesterday (and in my mind today on the way home) – when the world is running down, you make the best of what’s still around.

Well aside from that, getting out with the people today helped lift my spirits.  Refocused.  I meet with my new mentor next week for some new direction and guidance.  So very ready for a new experience ~ whether while still in this realm or the next.  It is time.  I am ready.

Love to you all ~

Victoria (the occasional wearer of the “grumpy” hat)

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