Today Is An Interesting One…


That’s about the best description I can call today.  Interesting.  I am seeing how I can completely alter my reality by just changing my focus and inner dialogue.

I do sense great change “out there”.  A friend of mine has been saying to watch for system changes with the banks, stores, corporations and the like.  Glitches and the like.  I believe it!  Yesterday I placed a phone call to one such bank to clear up an issue and wow – for some reason – the csr says he could not get me to an associate.  I waited for over 10 minutes and was willing to wait longer.  He was very embarrassed, said this doesn’t normally happen, but I would have to call back (which I did not consent to doing, btw).

My mate went to the store today – a big ‘ole corporate owned store.  The items he picked out, well he ended up getting them for free.  Why? Apparently there was a HUGE system “change” leaving the clerks scrambling to figure it out.  Stuff was coming up in Spanish, not ringing up correctly.  This particular clerk was so frustrated she handed the items to my mate and said “forget it – they’re free.”

Ok then that’s how things are supposed to be!

Is it the energiezzzzzz?  System changes already put in place, now coming online?  Both?

There is just a feeling of wonkiness in the air and certainly agitation collectively since the events in Las Vegas Sunday evening.  Trying not to get caught up in that drama – but the seeker of truth in me already knows the whole story is not being told.  I already listened to one video that clearly shows the sounds of two vastly different weapons being fired. Certainly there was more than one “shooter” and everything in me says this was staged (or allowed) to lower the energies, instill more fear and god knows what else is up these lying thieves sleeves.  Was the accused shooter a mind control individual?  Did he do this willingly?  Did he really even pull the trigger?  Who knows.  Questions, questions, questions ~ it is easy to get lost in them.  I’m too tired to dive much into this one.  I just know capturing the truth in these tragedies is akin to holding water in the hand.  No one “wins”.

What can people like you and I do?  Keep the vibe high…  Send out thoughts of peace and healing to all…

After such events, if you speak your thoughts and views on what you feel to be true, some will support what you say, others won’t.  Emotions run high at times like this and the energies of division come in strongly – again – which is exactly what the controllers want.

I will leave this with what I got from my sacred tree today.  I didn’t go up to her.  I didn’t feel the need.  I stood at the end of the gravel road, acknowledged her with my heart on my hand until I felt the connection with her.  We are all One.  And yet we are all each on our Individual Journey’s.  Specks of amazing Source Truth within each of us, experiencing life in these physical forms, gathering experiences and perceptions that shape Who We Are and Who We Are to continue to become.

And that’s ok.  As Tom Petty (et al) sang (had to include him in this one – may he continue to create beautiful music):  “Well it’s all right.  Remember to live and let live.  Well it’s all right.  The best you can do is forgive. …  Well it’s all right.  Even if the sun don’t shine.  Well it’s all right.  We’re going to the end of the line.”

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