sometimes i have no title.

today the word of the day is “weary”.  bone tired weary.  throat, mouth, head issues continuing.  what’s the point in talking about any of “that” though?  does it end?  switch?  i read today “you are never alone – call on creator and guides for help”.  really?  i call and get a bz signal these days.

sooooooo not into this halloween gig.  a challenge with a young child.  so we pull it together and do the trick or treating thing.


surreal to me in a way.  i used to completely get into this day.  costume. decorations.  treats.  music.  the whole shebang.  it was once my favorite “holiday”.

today?  i could care less.  literally have zero interest in this day.

a challenge when all around you are dressed up, excited parents wanting to celebrate, giddy to take their little ones trick or treating.

again, how i used to be.

but not today.  and i mean nothing in me wants to “do” this holiday.

i have once again begun imagining this house i have seen in my dreams and visions for over 10 years.  i can feel it now so easily.  it feels like it is just “right there” off to my left or off to my right – i just need the access code or however it is i am to “get there”.  today i smelled it.  deeply felt how it “feels” to “be there” ~ feeling a part of me already is there.

i know.  it makes no sense to me.  then again nothing is making sense to me at the moment.  other than a warm bed, fire in the fireplace and quiet.




loads of support and abundance ~ so much so, I am overwhelmed and overjoyed at the same time.

not THAT is a feeling/experience i welcome.

that is all for now.

merry happy boo and all that ~



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1 thought on “Today”

  1. I hear you Victoria! I don’t do the Halloween thing either and I’ve wanted to quit the Christmas thing for over 10 yrs. now. It is extremely difficult when other family members don’t understand what is going on and want to do the whole holiday thing. I didn’t put up a tree last year but the immediate family exchanged gifts. I hate to be the scrooge but I just can’t get into it , and like you, just need my peace and quiet. Weird thing is, I used to do arts and crafts shows and made lots of ornaments and loved the decorations and lights of the holidays. Times change and now I don’t seem to know what to do anymore–more of the waiting game that we all seem to be in.

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