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I woke up at 5am this morning feeling absolutely calm and peaceful. I began thinking about the matrix grid – turning it off. For good.  Feeling it.  After I got out of bed I checked my social media page, a group I belong to and I read this share: Mission to free humanity from the control Matrix. New 5D Matrix is 100% fully activated now! Suffering will now end on Gaia.

I read on and saw others sensing the same thing, all occurring within the past 2 days.

To add something more interesting, last night (where I was wide awake until 2am ~ sleep is really interesting right now) prior to falling asleep, I was suddenly struck with this energy of poignancy.  I could see and sense the huge changes about ready to take place.  A giant switch.  The total and full and complete ending of how things have been.  And I was struck with a sense of compassion for every single one of us, regardless of what each has done.  It is ending so the new can be returned, restored, created.

I was surprised there was sadness there, but then again whenever I am about ready to experience change, even if it AMAZING and something I long for, there is a sense of loss for the old, for how things have been.  There has been some comfort in familiarity (which I feel is part of the old programming).  So I acknowledged it and let it be.

As I went about my day, there was a lot of tension in the air.  My child was struggling.  My mate as well.  I felt much of this was the collective.  I decided to take some items to the local thrift store, get out of the house, clear our some space, and help a store that works with the food bank, donating their proceeds to the bank.  I often meet some amazing angels at this place.  Today was no exception.  And I also saw myself in perhaps what may be my next role.  Mission.

After my girl and I dropped off the items, we browsed around the store and headed outside.  There’s this huge shelf that provides bread to anyone in the community.  It’s a great service and people are welcome to come anytime they want for bread.  I found a small loaf from a local bakery and noticed a woman standing to my side.  We struck up a conversation.  She began talking about the ridiculously high cost of living, housing in particular, and how people across the states are just fed up.  She was only “passing through” and had a wealth of experience to share.  I was only too eager to listen.  The overall sentiment is wherever she has traveled/lived, even among those who have good jobs, there is this sense everyone is about ready to burst.  Every one of us have had it.  Every one of us want and need change.

She was leaning more towards people losing it, chaos and destruction.

I offered my perception.

Well next thing I know I’m off and talking, sharing, offering hope.  Another woman joined in, listened.  My new friend said “I hadn’t thought of it like that”.  I told her and she agreed to avoid anything put out by mainstream media outlets.  I spoke of frequencies sent through the television.  The colors used.  All of it is designed to make us feel afraid, powerless, small.

“We ~ all of us ~ you, you and me ~ are ALL Source in Body.  WE are the Creators.”

I spoke of the outlets I follow.  I ended things by handing out my business card to my site, encouraging to please check it out and follow the links to other sites.  “Change is happening,” I said.  I shared how strongly I felt there are good people “on the inside” who are working to end this archaic enslavement system.  I also briefly touched on what I call my “beyond the beyond” content on the matrix and great awakening of the Heart.  (I don’t want to totally overwhelm people.)

The one woman stayed and listened.  The other simply said she didn’t ever watch the news and I could sense she wanted to hear nothing new or different that would change her perception.

Doing this, standing in front of these fellow humans, speaking, sharing felt right.  And very natural.

As I said good-bye to my new friend, I told my girl “You never know what angels you will meet when you leave the house.  And you never know when you might have the chance to share some hope to those who are struggling for it.”

Driving home I said out loud, to no one really, “Maybe my next step is to give people some hope during this time.”

Let the flow of the Universe guide me.  Let it guide us all.

Much love peeps~



Thank you for supporting my work.  For supporting me.  





last night prior to falling asleep i suddenly was feeling a sense of poignancy – knowing this experience is wrapping up – about ready to change – and felt compassion for ALL involved – knowing new was upon us.

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