Today’s Energies


So at first I thought this schumann spike today was not affecting me.  I was wrong.

Ringing in the right ear.

Tears flowing.

Powerful urge to watch Field of Dreams.  Did not pursue that urge.  TV music channel was on earlier.  Something said “go to the tv now”.  I did. Theme from Field of Dreams was playing.

Will watch now.

It is 3:05pm, pacific time and I just noticed I had not made sure my kiddo’s hair or teeth were brushed.  Sorry, mama doesn’t know where she is today.

When we eat meals now, it is now that – a meal.  I no longer define things by breakfast, lunch, dinner.  Nor do I define the day of the week.  Or time.

It is now.

My little one’s teeth and hair ~ cleaned.

And it is now time to make a meal.

Lost in Cosmic Space.  With a ringing right ear.

How are ya’ll doing?


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6 thoughts on “Today’s Energies”

  1. high pitched tone in both ears – all the time – non-stop. Clicking in right ear. Heart palpitations. and yes, space cadet.
    I much feel the need to be alone. Hungry too – a lot. Lucid dreams. Some I remember – others not so much. Aching from my hips to my knees. Other than that I feel great!

    1. i forgot to add the heart palps – lately yes. and yes INTENSE hunger this week – rather surprised me. you sound like others in this house – other than abcdef and g i feel great!

  2. Humming my own frequency can quieten the ringing for a time, but the best is playing solfeggio music in the background and humming… Blessons

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