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Our Gaia is buzzing at 40hz during her peaks and the past 24 hours I have experienced this as a buzzing in my head followed up with tingling all over.  It was quite fascinating and I just lay still, allowing the experience. Today the experience showed up as some aches in my body.  A round of stretching and yoga poses helped, followed up with a 45 minute nap, where I said upon laying down “i’m not really tired ~ i’ll probably just lay here for awhile”.  Next thing I know I wake up, look at the clock and noticed almost an hour had passed.

Whatever an hour is.  I am ready to get rid of that clock.

The on-going experience of feeling as though my cells are vibrating in bursts is something I have felt a couple of times today.

I also noticed my dreams took on a new intensity last night.  I had a lot of experiences and felt I was around new Beings, seeing new faces.  The theme was activity and a lot of it.

At times I will stop what I am doing and move my arms and legs in large movements.  It’s as though the big muscles need to be moved in big ways. Also continuing to take my right hand and slide it down my left arm, removing energies no longer wanted/needed.  Then I do the same with the other arm/hand.

I am having more conversations about the concept of “new earth” with others, which I continue to feel is an earth-like planet (purely organic in form) at the next dimension.  This, I strongly felt yesterday, is this “home” in which so many of us are longing to go to/return to.  I also received the message yesterday that all is “a-go” and “ascending” to this space is a conscious choice.  When the human self is ready, it will happen. These energy events are assisting by “fine-tuning” our bodies to be “ready”.  But the idea of having to wait for something outside of ourselves – at this point anyway – is no longer necessary.

Just my perspective in this now experience.

Much love.  Much peace.  Much all that is just fun and serene and new and amazing.  



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  1. Preliminaries of Gaia ascension have completed
    by ÉirePort
    Preliminaries of Gaia ascension have completed.

    Subsequent Higher Energies are released, and accepted by Humanity.

    Fibres of intent strengthen.

    Maritimes complete the mission.

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