Today’s Energies ~ Taking This Time Seriously


After reading last night where lightworker’s are getting “distracted” (attacked), and after what happened today to myself and my child, I am seeing that it is not being fearful to be aware of such experiences.  While I continue to do energy work around “not in my reality/not in my world”, protecting myself before going out, I am seeing it is still necessary to stay alert and LISTEN to inner voice when it says “stay home” while still in this lower paradigm of lower parasitic idiots roaming around (for now).

I did not listen today.  I wanted to get out of the house.  Wanted to take my girl and go out in nature.  Do some meditations and just enjoy the scenery.  Of interest, on the way there, I had a sudden bout of stomach upset that forced me to turn around and go home.  It got better immediately so we went back out again.  Same thing happened.  I ignored it and kept going.

Sometimes the signals of the body are an alert to PAY ATTENTION.

So we head to a local walking/hiking/biking area.  We walk a ways, cross another road and head up another path.  As soon as we get to the top, my girl freezes and says “mom let’s go NOW”.  I look down the path and there’s a large dog – great dane.  Off leash.  No owner in sight.  It is staring us down.  No, I said to myself and outloud.  Great Dane’s are docile and gentle.  I call out for the owner and hear/see nothing.

I could feel the dog was trying to figure out what to do.  As I was sending it peace but also a sense of “I can be here too” it decided to run after us.

“RUN!” I told my girl who was already ahead of me running.  She clears it back across the street and is safe.  The dog is still chasing after me.  I’m running, yelling for the owner (and saying all sorts of beautiful words to accompany my yells), waving my water bottle at the dog.  I get to the end of the path – there are cars – I cannot cross just yet.  I turn around – the dog is still coming my way – slowly – barking – and I wave my bottle, yell at the dog.  I turn back around and see the cars have stopped – obviously seeing my predicament.  So I wave “thank you!” and jet on across the street.

It is at this time the owner calls for his dog.

My heart is pounding.  I am comforting my child.

I pull out my cell phone, yell at the owner who has casually decided to appear to stay put – I am calling the police.  He holds up his leash as if to show me “see I am leashing my dog” to which I yell “too late!  That dog is aggressive and should be on a leash at all times when in public!  I have a small child and she is traumatized because of your dog and I am too!”

The guy refused to comply with my wishes – which of course did not surprise me.  Irresponsible little coward.  No words from him either.  No apologies.  He just kept walking.  My call was answered – the guy had disappeared.  I reported it anyway and of course expected no results as I didn’t get a picture.  My phone is old and I have to go through 5 steps just to take a picture.  Given my hands were trembling strongly it is a miracle I was able to dial the police line.  And as I said to the woman on the phone who asked why I didn’t take a picture:  “getting myself and my child to safety across the street was my priority!”


We then head to a park – a safe park – children only.  We see one of the neighbor children who ends up hitting my girl in the stomach.  I was like that’s ENOUGH!  No playing with her.  The dad handled it – sort of.  The child was allowed to stay and play and there was no apology.  I would have handled it differently.

I have had it with dark energies.  I have had it with bullies.  I have had it with this entire lower bullshit of this realm.  It cannot crash soon enough for me.  I am ready to feel SAFE when I take my child out.

For now, given what I have read, if you’re Light – if you are peaceful and trusting that is – of which both my girl and I are – you may be a target right now.  I am not feeding that crap by letting myself believe it as my reality – but I am also not going to be in denial that there is still floating shit around looking to create a little fear.

And I will be listening to my body and inner voice when it says STAY HOME.  Not out of fear – but out of higher reasoning.

As I comforted my girl I told her new realm will not have these experiences.  They are not welcome in our reality.  People of higher vibrational thinking and behaving do not allow their dogs to behave in such a manner.

Until we shift on outta this realm, I just don’t want to be around the masses.  Certainly not during these high energy times.  And as much as I do not want to say this, I can not only sense when something is “off” about an adult or an animal, I can also sense it in children.  Purity does not know age I have come to accept.

Be alert.  Be grounded.  Be in your truth.  The ride continues…



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2 thoughts on “Today’s Energies ~ Taking This Time Seriously”

  1. If this can comfort you in any way, your not the only one experiencing it, my new neighbours are getting on my nerve so much that I just ran of any “light” way to heal those issues, my god I am more forgiving for dark beings and Cabal then for them. In the end I called for my light to never reach them and be them isolated from light. Sorry Im venting here. So those issues with other people can be some kind of attack on us. On another violet flame or any other flame/energie applied to bladder can make people go really fast to toilet, just another things I discovered thanks to my relation with neighbours.

    On another note do you have any tips on managing and developing blog? Would love to here from you.

    1. well this confirms my desire lately to stay home in a blanket cocoon. lol seriously though this has been my desire to stay put and detached. i wish i had known of the flame energy directed at the bladder – i would have directed it at the dog and its owner. 🙂 to be honest that isn’t my style – i don’t want this conflict. just want to live and let live. but i saw today how i can stand in my own power. i have never yelled at a “stranger” (much less a dog – and normally i love dogs) in that manner and it felt good to just not give a crap how i sounded – to take control of my own self and the situation. oh yes i roared! maybe this is what’s going on for many of us who want to deal with things peacefully. who knows. i am not into “lessons” or karma any longer so this could just be what’s going on as people make choices to walk in highest selves or continue to stay low. tips on the blog – i use wordpress (i believe i use the .org format). i had to hire a web developer (who took payment with one of nature’s most prolific plants) and also taught myself about plugins, menu’s and categories. i also use a web hosting service (bluehost) and pay $9.99/month for hosting as well as around $30/year to maintain the name of my site plus a couple of other misc security type options that are like $10/year. gregg prescott, in5d, has a section on starting a blog. that is where i began to get going. there is also – i first started there years ago – i think my site is still even up. that was super easy and something i was able to do on my own (and i was even less tech-inclined than i am today). i see some very popular blogs using that format. good luck! 🙂

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