Today’s Energies and Some Thoughts On New Earth



(you will have to forgive me for typing in all lower case.  that is my natural way of typing and today i am just not concerned with proper grammar skills.)

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not as intense as yesterday but still zzzzzzz.  leftover sleepies.  i did ground and integrate/release yesterday.

i noticed something new today ~ an inability to tolerate the smell of my bathroom cleaner.  it is one of those organic/all natural ones and i have used it for years.  not anymore.  immediately my inner self said “NO” to the smell today.  ok then.  from now on vinegar and water ~ if i can even tolerate that scent much longer.  may just turn on the hose and spray down here shortly.

i am indeed sensitive to smells – which really went through the roof in 2004.  this was before i was aware of energies and ascension and changing body chemistry.  at the time i wasn’t sure what to think – it kind of bothered me.  so indeed anything chemically – unnatural – sends me into a tizzy of “MUST LEAVE NOW”.  i can also actually “feel” the frequency of the scents/odors.  so at times a scent may just resonate with my frequency and i am fine.  other times a scent may be mild – totally natural – and i cannot stand to be around it.  must vacate scene.

ok – deep breath with this one as this is some new stuff i am presenting. i am also receiving some insights into new earth.  i am going to keep much of it to myself as it is highly personal but i do feel ok in sharing this (and please know this is just my perspective/feelings):  the realm of new earth, that frequency “construct” is already in place.  we can now choose to go. while these energy frequencies are allowing us to Remember and giving us the chance to heal/let go/purge, there will not be one such energy wave that puts us all there at once, for lack of a better description (although i still see this event people speak of as such an energy wave that NO ONE consciously escapes the experience it brings).  it is a CHOICE at this point. an intention.  the frequencies, the structure, are in place to support us. there are others there.  teams to help us acclimate.

weeks back i was intending to go – and stay – and my higher self said “are you really ready to do this?”  baby, it was a powerful experience! the feeling i received was ok we can do this now.  but is human self ready to let go?  and i mean TOTALLY LET GO.  leaving behind certain people (temporarily as ALL will be rising to the occasion, so to speak, along this journey).  leaving behind the “stuff”.  ALL of the old ways of this 3D construct.

not that there isn’t “stuff” on the new realm.

human me became afraid and said “no stop”.

the feeling was kind of like the feeling i remember having when i entered this world.  an energy “vacuum” sensation that happens in an instant. transports us – only this time of course it transports this entire vessel.

it is indeed a totally new experience and feeling.  new earth.  i am so grateful for the dreams/visions i have had over the years of this beautiful realm.  the feeling – this total sense of “YES ~ everything is ok”.  i am also believing this is not an end point – but a step “up”.  some will stay. others will go on to other experiences. kinda like stepping out of a mud puddle you have been in for a very very long time ~ that disappears permanently once you remove yourself.  and the sweet land you place yourself upon is in absolute alignment with who you are – at the moment.  i must remind myself energy NEVER remains static for long.  it MUST explore/move/expand/experience.  i believe this is why most of the population has varying levels of claustrophobia.  our energy bodies and human bodies have been more or less stripped of this ability ~ certainly to explore it in a manner that is limitless.

i wish to add one last thing:  anyone who would say you aren’t ready.  this isn’t how this process works.  etc. etc.  pay them and such words no attention.  your inner self will KNOW, ok?  listen to him/her.  if you feel you are truly ready to go, truly done with this realm, go within and explore this further. go BEYOND the desire that simply says “i want to ascend”. see what comes up for you.

that is all i have to share at the moment.  it’s hard to share when it’s a feeling and something i have seen.  so i am no longer convinced this is about us being in a state of total healing in as much as a total willingness to surrender and let go and just…go. any healing needs will be taken care of upon transition.  love works like that, imho.  it’s like taking a leap into the unknown.  higher self knows when ego is ready to align.  just like ego knows to trust higher self.

a symbiotic relationship taking us Home.  (that one deserved a capital letter)


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3 thoughts on “Today’s Energies and Some Thoughts On New Earth”

  1. Ms. Victoria-5d has been anchored here for a couple of years {where I live} People who enter the property are speechless. Its taken ten years and much love, but the results have been stellar! The trees and flowers seem to grow twice as fast when compared to other places. Communicating with the divas seems to have paid off. I’m truly blessed and best part is I’m only 60 miles from a major W.coast city and I don’t have to live there. Heat and smoke have abated. All is well. Jim

    1. Jim, I so related to your garden stories as the flowers and trees in mine are doing the same.I really noticed it in this 10th yr that I have been here. It is just beyond fecund this year…and yet my neighborhood is not that way..I am not a gardener..I am a waterer and encourager ..I speak to my kingdom..and sometimes sit with them at sunset and just weep..yes, the way they communicate with me and I the purest form of love I have ever experienced ..because we are speaking with out words..
      This home I moved into ten years ago..unbeknownst to me…until the time of purchase.
      This was the Shambhala Center …where Buddhism and the local Buddhist community came to study and meditate. I found out walking meditations were done in my living eclectrical box states it as the ‘main shrine room’..the energies they left for me to be embraced by and beyond anything I have experienced in a dwelling.
      When people enter the garden and the house..the feel it ..before I tell the story of it.
      The Shambhala Mountain Center ( is part of this has the most amazing Stupa..the Great Stupa of Dharmakya..a monument to human kindness.
      There have been ‘holy’ people in my space..and I am humbled. The Buddha statue at my pond sits on a part of this Stupa that was broken off during construction.
      I feel it is a portal..and my passion to keep love flowing out of here. I have lived alone for this ten years..and there has not been any discord here..amazing these little spaces on earth that just keep things a little balanced energetically in the cities the inhabit.
      I am honored to be holding space here. Namaste’

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