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Wow!  Wowser!

And yet in spite of the enthusiasm of those words, I am sitting here like a cute little sloth.  As KP puts it “energetically flatlined”.

I hesitated sharing any of this as the last thing I want to do is mislead, share information that proves to be false or disappoint ANYONE ~ myself included!  And to be honest using words is just a huge challenge for me lately ~ both in having conversations and in explaining things.  I wish others could just look into my brain and see the pictures and/or look into my heart and see what I am feeling/experiencing there.  That is not manifested, so here in words is what I experienced today…

My day began when I woke up at 7:00am and looked outside.  Looking to the east, I saw a bright star.  I sighed as I thought “when am I going to know the truth of where exactly I am and just what exactly are YOU glowing light that we call a star?”  Some mornings I wake up and feel heavy and wonder “this system is still running.  WHY ARE WE STILL HERE?”!

This morning was one of them.

I returned to sleep for awhile and when I woke up, I heard that voice of mine that speaks to me off to the left, at and slightly above my head.  I call it my “sweet spot”.  I heard “in 6 more days you will no longer be here.”

Ok.  I know not to take these things literally, even if at times I want to ~ and do.  What I found interesting was the reference to 6 days.  That puts us within 24 hours of the 12/12 gateway.

My first inclination was to research this upcoming gateway and felt inner me say “No.  Go within and see what it means to you.”  Thank you oh higher teacher for reminding me to stop looking to others for my answers.

So I took some time later in the day, went within and heard just one word: Time.  It’s a gateway related to “time”.  Linear time?


But yet this word “time” also explained the experience I had as I walked to the dryer and do what I do every day after my child has a bath (well unless I am washing it after bath) ~ place her towel into the dryer.  As I did that today though, every part of my body inside truly felt/believed that I had JUST done this same “chore” moments before.  Not 24 earthly hours before. Somewhere within Me, I had literally just done this.

Well now that is interesting, I thought again.

6 days eh?

Here’s something else to add to that.  Last week neighbors of ours, who have a little girl our daughter’s age, invited us all to their house for a children’s holiday party on the 16th.  I knew the date and day and knew there was nothing on the calendar, and yet something within me hesitated. I wondered if we would even be here, I felt, which at the time I found odd.  “Of course we will be here,” I answered back in my brain.

But still that little pause within my body was there.  And it would not leave even as I slowly said “yes we should be here”.  Should.  Not ‘will’.  It’s like I couldn’t say the word.  Which again was strange to me.

I went searching for some validation as I put this all together and found some.  Well at last I found others who in the last 24 hours have had some similar experiences.  One woman was sharing how all year she has felt she would not “be here” for Christmas and currently, while a part of her wants to shop for gifts, she says something keeps telling her it is not necessary as she will not be here.  Others spoke of huge shifts experienced in the past 1-2 days.  Jumps.  Are we jumping hugely now?  Is that what this “won’t be here” references?  Is this more breaking down of the matrix ~ or more breaking away from it?

I really don’t know.  I honestly do not know.  I did read this today though on one of the ascension folks social media page:   “As a result of the rapid rise in planetary vibration, a “jump” may occur shortly, rather than a mere Shift or leap into Higher Timelines.”

I had two sudden moments of crying today where I was mourning the loss of all of “this”.  The entire experience ~ the beautiful and the horrors.  This is an experience I have had recently – the kind accompanied by tears.  It began 2 years ago almost to the day.  It was late November and as I walked around my house one last evening, I suddenly was moved to feel and say aloud: “I will miss this all when I leave”.  There were no emotions at the time.  Since then when I have had this thought I have experienced anger or frustration, impatience.  Lately though, tears of mourning have been the experience.  My mate is having the same experience.  

One last experience then I will conclude this piece.  Tonight as I was in the bathroom and I stepped out of the shower, I was able to see through the bathroom door – which was closed.  For about 2-3 seconds, there was no door.  It “melted”, for lack of a better word.  Became watery and disappeared.  It was a fuzzy image but I was able to see into the hallway through an otherwise closed door.  Want to know what I have been reading the past couple of days?  Current energies for December are revealing more of who we really are and more of what really is “out there”.  The final veils coming down.

Seeing through the illusion of this simulation is indeed a part of that.

Letting go.  Being in allowance for whatever comes out of me.  Walking in the now.

Stuff transforms and transmutes.  Things are remembered.

And magic happens.

Much woo woo love~



Thank you so very much for supporting my work, for finding some comfort in my words and for believing in me.  

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