Today’s Experiences and Rambles ~ 1/16/18


Hello everyone~

Well now, the Schumann is indeed spiking creating an overall feeling of inner “aaahhh” ~ and bringing out either the desire to sleep NOW or moments of bursts of energy.

Also had a sudden “all over” itching earlier today ~ and it felt as though something was wanting to come out of my back – both sides – lower shoulder blades.  Angel wings perhaps?  My girl had itching at the same time.

Also having the desire to smack away – permanently – anyone or anything that isn’t in alignment with who I am/what I desire.  “Not in my reality” is my go-to tagline.  Not to be “better than” ~ just deeply longing to have real connections and that sense of “home”.

I express the desire to have experiences where I can have real conversations with others about love and healing and our awakening and new earth.  All of these topics I share here ~ and aside from my mate ~ I have no one else in which I can have these conversations I so DEEPLY need and desire.  I feel like I am about ready to pop out of my skin lately – an inner scream of NO MORE! I cannot do “how are you oh i am fine” go-nowhere conversations ~ I can’t! I would rather just pass on by or ignore the person altogether.  I had a couple of attempted conversations today while out-and-about that just ended up with me walking away feeling depleted ~ certainly not energized ~ at one point covering my child’s ears so she wouldn’t have to hear system bullshit speak.

It is bullshit.  At this point if one is still deeply plugged in, I don’t want that energy around me or my family.  Call me a bitch or lacking in spirituality.  I no longer care.  I have ZERO connection to this reality, to this realm.  I have made numerous attempts to really connect with others on a real, authentic level, to share my stories and insights and to ask questions to find out the truth and REALNESS of the other…. and that has not brought me ANY connections in this area…..  Online is where it is for now and that is waning for me.

I need MORE.

And so I seek that which does resonate.

Interestingly enough today while on a walk that connection came in the form of a tree (picture at the top).  It never dropped all of its leaves.  It always does ~ at least all the years I have been here.  I also noticed another tree a block away had not dropped its leaves either.  In some garden plots I see tall sprouts of spring flowers.  In other spots, I see nothing growing yet. Same with grass.  Perhaps a metaphor for awakening – some are on it, others still slumbering away.

I have had several very subtle experiences where, in spite of the air having that winter chill, I sense spring is “somewhere” ~ really close.  It is palpable and only growing.  This is more than spring fever too.  It is something “different”.

It’s as though the New Realm (which I have sensed is in Spring ~ and I am not the only one to have this sense) is merging with the old realm.  Some will blend into the New given their awareness and thus frequency.  Some will continue to stay in the old for the same reason.  The term I use is “overlay” ~ the new will overlay itself on and within this one.

Seeing this tree with its leaves still in place gave me hope.  It touched and thus softened my heart, put a smile on my face.  She allowed me to remember “home is coming”.  I could “feel” what she is doing ~ the message she is showing for us.  Instead of people staring and thinking or saying “how odd” ~ she is nudging us to look deeper.  Feeeeeeeeeeel inside the message of her appearance.

Just like with me, and with every one of us (supposedly ~ I have doubts) there is much more than just appearance.  I share that with others and I am far past ready to have those real, lasting connections with my tribe.

Face to face.

It is time.

It is time.



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7 thoughts on “Today’s Experiences and Rambles ~ 1/16/18”

  1. Heavy sigh! I echo your sentiments. I long for the excitement that spring brings! The sense of wonder! With that said, yesterday was 60 degrees here. The grass is stirring, a few camellias are in bloom and the witch hazels are starting o bloom. This is the time I long for southerly climes. Patience to me is not a virtue. I am ready for the expansion, now! Keep your chin up, kiddo. Jim

    1. lol – i have concluded lately that for me patience is indeed not one of my virtues. it isn’t a virtue in my inner feel ~ it is a tool of the dark to keep us pacified. in our form of Original we manifest instantly. 🙂

  2. Yes Victoria, you need to feel and I mean deeply feel everything around you. Its all Source, the trees know what’s happening, as do the animals. They all are still connected to source.

  3. YES, O YES, InDEED!





    SO glad to “meet” YOU, Victoria!

    Vibration-ALL *MATCH!*

    This Child, NO-BODY’S TeSLAYAN Child…

    “I/WE” BE here, now…((“EXTREME Re:VERBS!”))

    (Lethe Re:MEMBERS, Echo Said…)…’triggers! lol!
    Namaste, Victoria!

    Fierce GRRL!
    I SURE DO…hear u here NOW.

    Ruth, aka Your Friendly Neighbourhood

  4. How discouraging…”AWEsome “TeSLAYAN DOWNLOAD”

    …’triggered by your ~*AetherFORCE VOICE. there a “back-button/undo” thingy here?
    Ima still a “noob” with Machines…I “cause” *GLITCHES* like this…’electromagnetic interference”


    O…dam “missed-connection” Victoria!
    Will try again, tomorrow…MAJOR FEELS HERE, eh?

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