Today’s Experiences ~ Or “How ya’ll doin’?”


Thought I would write while in the middle of an energy/schumann moment.

Currently couchin’ it.  Blissful, calm state today.

At the moment:  i do not wish to hear any voices.  no noise.  no other people’s energies – big or small.  mate and child are whispering making me want to scream on outta here into a true quiet zone.

Inside the cells are vibrating like mad.

Throat and voice are scratchy.  Things feel inflamed.

Chest/heart energies feeling quite heavy.  Feel like I am a tightly wound coil.  Will be stretching after I get the child bathed, snacked and in bed. Which by the way did I mention both of them are talking?  Whispers even. Don’t know what is more annoying when I want quiet – regular tones or whisper tones.

I came home from an after dinner talk with my girl and suddenly needed to sleep.  As in right here right now it’s coming and not gonna stop.  I crawled onto the couch, put some warm buddies on my body and zonked out.  Forty-five or so minutes later I am awake again, typing these words, feeling like a zombie.  With a very tense body that is screaming to be massaged.

Hands trembling.  Vibes on-going.  I love it.  I am doing well with these zappings.  That is until I suddenly need to sleep in absolute quiet.

Did I mention I need quiet??!!

During these high-energy moments (of which this is the new norm and will only continue in duration) this parent needs a volunteer babysitter.  A volunteer massage therapist.  And a volunteer cook.

Any volunteers?  lol


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2 thoughts on “Today’s Experiences ~ Or “How ya’ll doin’?””

  1. Volunteers …well, if you find a good source..let me far in my life..I do it all alone…from the cooking , cleaning , shopping, mowing, gardening, gutter cleaning, limb cutting, and hauling,to bill paying and on and on and on.
    At least you have some people in your house whom you can ..ask..and teach as to what needs to be I have is my experience in a family life..that the more one person does..the others do less of participating..
    I spent yesterday (sunday) on the couch ..all day..altho it was raining..good excuse..yes, I do have to have silence..and thru the years I have had neighbors and barking dogs who do not like, I resort to ear plugs..yes in my own yard..and sometimes my is something I can control and gives me great peace to have it muffled..sometimes you just have to make shit happen like you need it to be in order to survive this …chaos..yes, it seems chaotic all of these energies at play.
    After reading the headlines this morn of folks enjoying the fun and music this world has to offer..some crazy psycho has to get his arsenal and shoot innocents..why..I am sure there is not an answer.
    I wonder some if those who believe in a better way and that we are ‘ascending ‘to that way..are way more of a minority than we think. I know I choose people to learn from on the web who have a positive (mostly,but keepin it real at the same time) so, the comments left are usually by folks of the same head and heart space when trying to move forward in compassion and love and consideration for our fellow travelers and I begin to feel we are all one and on our way to a better earth walk..and yet..the other side of that seems to be escalating.
    Or at the very least..doing more damage and putting stops to the hope..I don’t understand how so few who have a vision of a better world for all ..will ever get the opportunity in this life to see that outcome.
    So, much evil still exists..I feel it always will..that is the sad part..can’t have one without the other it seems…but the extremes of it..with folks with their weapons ‘of mass destruction’..even at a local level..where are we safe..I ask.
    There is so much injustice in the ‘system of suits ‘ in which we live..the Hillary’s etc..the evils who get to do and lie and take and screw and lives are lost because of her type and mentality..and what..they get to write books about their shitty ways of being and make millions..what the fuck is the matter with people to even allow this…why are the targets always the innocent ?
    I hate so many parts of this world..yes, hate..I am not in a good kum bah ya moment of ..oh, there is a reason for everything..well, tell that to a parent who just sent their son or daughter to a good ol american country western concert..who never came home last night..due to a bullet in the !!!
    Another day…to bury my head and not read a headline is doing myself a disservice…I have to be aware so, that I can practice my spiritual craft..send as much love and healing as possible to those involved..all of them..even the emergency medical staff..and then you wonder..okay..where were the so called ‘angelic’ helpers in this scenario..oh..yes, they were helping the souls was all a plan…..and the message is? I didn’t get the message..still don’t.

    1. i will just say this quickly – this is a mind-controlled individual – likely a false flag. call it whatever label is floating around – this feels staged. there IS a new world being created. it is becoming more malleable to create what we want. other than that there is no reason for this happening. no lessons to be learned. no “karmic” b.s. just the workings of those who have no respect for freedom and love. and THAT is what WE collectively are ending.

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