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UPDATE:  Later in the evening ~ body pains, feeling ungrounded.  I did some yoga and as I did some deep stretches, my arms began buzzing then itching like mad.  Definitely feeling energetic shifting/movement going on within my body.  …

I am losing interest in thinking and using words to speak/share and understand – and innerstand.  But that’s the tool we have now in this digital world and until I can communicate telepathically, words is what I must continue to use to share what I feeeeeeeeeeeeeel.

This morning while in that strange sacred woo-woo space known as the shower, I thought about all of the different opinions people have on this strange, magical, and at times, elusive experience we label “Ascension”.  I know this much about Who I Am ~ I do not resonate one single molecule with being told I HAVE to do something in order to Ascend or I must do something in order to prove myself worthy of ___ (fill in the blank).

That is not Love speak.  At least it is not MY version, my feeeeeeel of what Love is.

Some may keep eating meat.  Some may give it up.  Some may go vegan. Some may go raw.   Some may go vegetarian.

Some may feel guided to explore past lives.  Some may feel guided to focus solely in the Now or in the future.  Some may mix it up and do a little bit of everything.

Some may feeeeeeeeel they must be totally healed in order to rise up in frequency.  And yet I would add – is that an inner feeeeeeeeeel or a belief?

Truth is found in the heart, for me that is.  It is simple ~ even when it feeeeeeeeels GRAND and hugely expansive.  I have long felt that those who use a lot of words, and big words at that, have small mind’s.  Small hearts perhaps too.  Or perhaps just mind’s and heart’s that desire to expand and open more.  That’s a kinder way of putting it.

If there is ANYTHING I can add to this conversation that is lovingly useful it would be to go within for your own truth and feeeeeeeeeeeeeeel and allow. Trust and let go/surrender and know you will be shown which particular path/choice to make.  Given my own experiences, I feeeeeeeeel there are a variety of versions of Me – in this dimension and in others – who are THE guiding hand in this experience.  It’s almost as though the experience of the Shift has already happened.  In some frequency/space.  My brain has a difficult time understanding that – comprehending it.  It is again just a feeeeeeeeeeel that for me words alone just don’t cut it.

Sometimes I feel a bit like Forrest Gump when he says “I may not be a smart man but I know what Love is.”

Simple and from the heart.

That is all for now.

Light Holiday Blessings of Love to each of you~



Thank you ~ each of you ~ for supporting my work.  For sharing it.  And most especially for telling me how my personal messages are helping you. THAT is the biggest gift of all to me and it keeps me going with this little site.

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