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I read this past week where the eclipse energies will be bringing forth new thoughts, and when we have them, we are to pay attention instead of dismissing them.  Those who shared this thought weren’t joking.  Today I am being given many different, new thoughts including some twists on “older” thoughts.

Sitting here out back, I’m watching my girl play in her pool.  I told her how newborn babies instinctively hold their breath when submerged in water but lost that skill around 6 months or so.  Why is that?  Why is it so many of our innate abilities are “lost” (or as I say, go dormant) over time?

I then thought about my own swimming abilities.  This incarnation has left me struggling with the ability to swim even though intuitively I LOVE water.  I know I drowned in a previous incarnation and came into this world in this incarnation seeing a pool for the first time, and knowing at just 6 years old that I had drowned before.  This experience has obviously played a part in my learning to swim.

I then thought of the matrix grid ~ how each of us have been programmed into it.  How it is likely certain experiences have been put into our programming by this matrix grid to keep us detached from who we really are ~ trauma’s and the like ~ all the while far too many well-meaning truthseeker’s continued on the matrix programming channel by saying these experiences are what we asked for to learn and grow and blah blah ad nauseum.  That aside, for me, this would be the swimming issue (that has made it difficult for me to know who I really am).  Got the clarity on that one today.

I thought back to my memories of Lemuria (or the lifetime/place in which we have labeled it as such).  I thought back to an experience I had over 15 years ago while part of a metaphysical study group.  This was before I began having past life recalls much less any memory of Lemuria (or knowledge thereof).  We were guided to go to a scene in our mind that felt calming.  I saw myself standing by the edge of a lake.  I was not clothed. It was me ~ but it wasn’t me.  My hair was wavier and shorter ~ and I was taller. I let the scene play out and suddenly I did a perfect dive into the water and swam like a mermaid.  Me?? I thought.  That was really ME?!  It sure felt like me.  I didn’t give it much thought after that and let it go.

So back to today ~ I then thought about the memories I have had of being in Lemuria.  I have seen myself.  And today I realized that meditation image I had some 15 years ago was in fact me in Lemuria.  The image of Me was exactly the same as the Me I have seen in Lemuria.

Are you still with me?  lol

I feel what the matrix grid has put into me, programmed into me, was the experience of drowning as a means to keep me afraid of water and thus making it more difficult to remember who I really am and who I really have been and most importantly all of my experiences from life in Lemuria ~ important because our experiences back then were unadulterated.  Pure.  Pre-matrix days.  All of our DNA activated and in full use.  I know this to every piece of Who I Am.

What this shows me though is that while the matrix grid has known the human elements of me – they cannot alter the Highest Selves of me which holds the Truth.  They cannot alter Source.  And these beings who created this grid, having likely wanting to destroy Source through their programmings, knew they couldn’t so the next best thing was to do that to the physical beings. We humans.  Perhaps they even thought Source could be weakened by keeping us under the illusion of separation via forgetfulness (and other) programming.

Obviously this veil was temporary.  Truth is the most powerful of all frequencies.  To me it is of such a frequency that even the greatest of all encryptors could unlock or alter.  It simply MUST be known.  Seen.

I will close this one up now and begin another piece ~ also on fear-based programming and what I feel we are being called to do next.

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